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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



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thanks for sharing this Sandra. I always say that sharing these things is good therapy and we ALWAYS help someone else when we tell our own stories. Thanks again.



I'm sitting here crying. You have shared such an amazing thing with those of us who have chosen to follow your journey.
Although we've never met in person, you are one of the people who has been with me almost from the beginning with Jazzie & Erin. Right around the time that we began our late night chats, David had some major health issues. We thought we might have to stop our adoption process. Thankfully, it's over, but I will always remember how afraid I was to speak with anyone.

When we got home, Erin had a horrible time with sleeping. It only took us 2 months for that to work out. However, to this day, we still have water issues. Bathtime is only recently easing up. David has to give Erin her baths since she still screams when I'm in the room. For the longest time, I would go into another room to cry about how Erin was rejecting me. I wasn't a good enough mother in my mind. I finally opened up to someone who was able to make me see that this is Erin's issue & not mine. It still hurts but most of the time I can handle it now.

I'm so happy that things are coming around for you.



I want to thank you for opening up about such a difficult time in your life. I don't think this stuff is talked about enough amongst adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents (like me). It is so incredibly helpful to know about stuff like this going into the adoption process. That way, if it happens to you, you know that it can, that it is not abnormal and that you are not alone. I think you are an awesome mom.



I totally believe in P.A.D. I don't understand why some people (like my wife) don't believe in something until they experience it (uhhh, that would not be the way to learn something).

I think your calling the social worker for help was a BIG sign that you still had enough instinct to know to ask for help. Kudos for you.

I also believe that you can't snap your finger and say, "Get over it".


Hoi Sandra,
Bedankt voor je berichtje in ons gastenboek. Ik ben natuurlijk meteen gaan kijken op jullie site! Wat een mooie dochters hebben jullie, ik ben nu wel heel benieuwd hoe ons kindje eruit zal zien! Nog even geduld! Wat sneu dat Jazzie zo'n slecht oogje heeft. Hopelijk snel goed nieuws!
Chantalle Tiebie, Heiloo, The Netherlands

Lorraine - Canada

Thank you so much for sharing this emotional blog. I am still waiting for my baby and I have never been a mom. I know that I have had fears of my own about what it will be like when we first come home. It helps tremendously having the adoption "internet" community and wonderful sharing people like yourself. When I look at your photo and family photos I see an amazing women, awonderful mom and a beautiful wife.


I had nights like that; I still have nights like that. Thankfully Amelia's night terrors weren't every night and didn't last nearly as long as Tahlia's, but sleep deprivation is horrible! I really don't know what I would have done in your shoes.
I completely understand what you mean about guilt. Once in awhile I'll find myself feeling sorry for myself because of something I've given up to be a mom...then I look over and see this beautiful little girl and think, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Look at what you have! We are so blest to have our daughters, but we have to remember that to be good mom's we have to take care of ourselves too!
Love and Hugs!

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