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Thursday, May 17, 2007



I love your ladybugs! The funny thing is that my own thing has been frogs since I was 14. David hates them so I've toned down my passion for frogs.

The problem is that I'm now centered on ladybugs. I love your ladybug egg plate. I may have to copy your idea so we can use it for Passover.

Next weekend we're painting Erin's room pink - finally. Great minds think alike Sandra. I have the letters to spell out ERIN & purchased a stamp/stencil with ladybugs. We're going to have butterflies & ladybugs drifting in the air if all goes as planned. :-)


You have got some great ladybugs. I have loved them since I was a little girl. :)


Hi! I check your cute blog out periodically, but haven't been over in quite awhile. Your girls are dolls! My Chinese daughter is 4 and we wanted to go back but won't be able to with the new criteria in place. My personal friend at Hunan Spice told me that you once posted about post adoption depression kinda like post-partum. I would like to know where that post is so I can read it. When we got back with our daughter in '04 I was overwhelmed for the first six months and felt like I was in a bizzare daze. Would love to hear other adoptive moms' perspectives. Thanks!


LOL I was in love with ladybugs BEFORE our China adoption even started, long before we even decided to adopt from China. :) It was quite a shock to realize how popular ladybugs were in China adoption. I've got quite a few as well, but have toned it down in our small house. I love all of yours though.


Yep, you gotta love ladybugs! We have quite a few things around the house as well (not nearly as many as you, though).
Your egg plate is awesome!
(And, great job Tallie on the big girl bed!)


You are too much!!!! Tell me do you get any ladybugs in your Garden?????


Wow! That's quite a collection. I love it!

Becky B

LOVE the ladybugs - I am kind of addicted myself!!! :) They bring good things!!!!


We have lady bug stuff too amd my latest is Pagodas...... ;)


I love ladybugs! I have been looking for a new ladybug garden flag. Yours is great!

I want to do some ladybugs on the wall in Tori's room. I may have to find out how you did Tahlia's. I love them. :)

Cute Stuff!!

Colleen have a problem. LOL! I love everything and I too am partial to those lady bugs! I want those boots and that welcome flag.


Love your buggishness. I've got those very boots awaiting my Jadybug.


I love the ladybug stuff too. And you got some good stuff there.

Mia's nursery is going to be ladybugs and dragonflies but pink and green. The fabric is in my blog header, in fact.


I love all your Ladybug stuff, Sandra! I may have to 'steal' your idea and do a Ladybug post on my blog! :)


You know what's really sad....I used to like ladybugs and then the adoption just seemed to suck the cuteness out of them for me, but you do have some cute stuff. I like the little girl bag myself.


I love ladybugs for the exact same reason! I remember about a week before we got Charlotte's referral we went to the pumpkin patch and there were ladybugs everywhere ... I knew it was a sign!


So much great stuff!!!


Now that's a WHOLE LATTA LADY BUGS! Do you know what I find loads of people call them ladybirds! lol


Oh, I love all the ladybug items you have. You are one fun lady!

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