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Thursday, June 21, 2007



Yes, back hair is gross!


We're going to the same sort of place on Friday, but I won't be taking any pictures there! Too much of what you mentioned... I know there will definitely be too many bikini violations!


I wish we had a water park close to home.....we did years ago...i really need one now! Looks like you guys had a great day!


You crack me up!
I promise NEVER to post a picture of my hubby in his swimsuit (lotsa tattoos) and you better believe I know my days of bikini wearin' are LONG GONE. (why do other people not know when their ship has sailed?)

Glad you had some family fun in the water!


sure does look like fun!


What a fun day!


What a cute list!!!

Looks like you had a great time!!!

Debbie in the UK

It looks like you live in the perfect place with seasons like they should be. Winters are snowy, autumn and spring are pretty and summer is HOT! I really, really want to live where you do instead of the UK where yesterday was summer soltice and it rained and rained ALL DAY!!!!!!


Sounds like fun and your observations are dead on! Try Waterbabies 50spf. It's the only sunblock that my kids don't burn with...don't forget to reapply either.


Glad you had such a great day. Fun observations. Gotta agree on the back hair, tattoo and food comments. Yuck...yuck and way too expensive!

When I was at Disney last year I noticed a lady spraying a special sun lotion on her child's hair before putting her hat on. It appeared to be for babies and also for kids/adults to help their 'part' from buringing. Actually looked for it last night (in Canada) but couldn't find it. Wonder if it is something you have in the states? Will look next time I'm down.


You are soo funny sandra.. it looks like a good day... Are you thinking of getting a bikini????

Doris Clark

I love the water and adore waterparks. And your observations are very true.

Keep smilin!


I love going to THe Beach. However, you are right about what people look like/wear! YiKeS! Seriously, when they spend alll that money on the tattoos, did they think it looked good? And back hair is definitely one of those things that makes my skin crawl.
Funny thing about The Beach's prices for food, drinks, etc. I applied to work there as an in-between job. They said they would hire me, 60+ hours/week, no overtime, and less than minimum wage. They can do that because it's a seasonal job. Needless to say, I didn't take that job. The money made from the items purchased in the park must not go toward the employees.
At least my current jobs include a dress code that insists on covering up tattoos and excess hair.
Glad you guys had fun though! Was anyone brave enough to ride the Cliff? That is an awesome, although scary, slide!


Sounds like fun despite the back hair and tatoos! ;-)


We were at Kings Island about a month ago and I said the same things...Do people NOT look in the mirror before they left there house and I so agree with back hair YUCK!!!
Only thing worse then back hair is back hair in a

Kathy and Joel

Ewwwww, back hair!!
Glad you had a fun day today...that picture is lovely!

Janet T.

I hate that about amusement parks! I would rather bring in something healthy than pay through the nose for JUNK!

And about the tats and the back hair? I am SO with you!


Okay. We must stop shopping in the same places! How do we manage to be thousands of miles away from each, never meet in person, yet have so much in common that Erin wore the same bathing suit to camp yesterday that Jazzie is wearing in the pic!?

You burn with SPF 65? My nose looks like I had an implant from Bozo the clown - with or without sunscreen. I have a pale face with a clownlike nose.

Right there with you on the back hair & the tatoos. That stuff doesn't work for me.

I imagine that seeing your whole face makes a big difference for Jazzie. I know that my dad needs to see my whole face when I speak to him in person. He says that the sunglasses block my eyes & take away expressions that help interpret what I'm saying.

And yes. The Yangchun girls definitely brown up in the sun!

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