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Monday, June 18, 2007



and sadly it is even worse for the millions of older children waiting, many with special needs being banished away into 'facilities'....sometimes I wonder, does the world really care? There are millions of children dying in Africa who have no parents, the social support system can't cope, so they are left on the sidewalk to die...I really recomment the book 'there is no me without you' a wonderful book about adoption...

I wish more people would adopt and I wish in my heart of hearts more older children would be adopted. I can't imagine what is must be like knowing you are never going to be 'chosen'....

did you see the CBS coverage of the Iraqi orphanages today???


We so want to go back to China for another daughter! I'm hoping we can start the process soon since the wait is so stinkin' long.


I still want to go back to China to add to our family. The tug is more like a pull but since David isn't ready to add to our family, I guess the timing isn't right. That & the fact that China won't allow us to adopt again tells me that Erin will always be an only child.

When we traveled back in 2003, we had an opportunity to go to Erin's orphanage. Between SARS & the fact that the trip was 5 hours each way, we decided not to go. While I've wanted to see where Erin was watched over & loved during the first 10 months of her life, I also know that seeing all those children would have emotionally wrecked me.


Oh yeah, definitely something I can't allow myself to think about too much. Way too painful.


I totally understand the "tug" you are talking about!


I have a hard time watching those kind of things as well. It breaks my heart and I pray that they will be matched with a family.


When we travel to China I would very much like to see her orphanage David on the other hand already knows he would not do well going there. Seeing any of the children that have not yet been adopted will break his heart. He know's that if he see her room with all the cribs lined up he will not want to leave and try to take as many babies that his arms will hold.


I think that's what makes the wait so hard, is knowing that my little girl is just hanging out in a crib, not knowing the love of her mommy and daddy and having no idea how much she is wanted....this wait sucks!


I can not let myself think too much about the wait and what it means and about the babies and children in the orphanage. It truly breaks my heart that my daughter is in China and I am unable to care for her yet. I just try to stay busy right now.


Thank you for posting this, I particularly feel for the families who have not done this before.(Not that is is much easier for my husband and I, with a daughter from China in 2003). The wait is truly horrible, we are in this for the long haul.

LID 11/06


Oops, I think I was the one who sent you that link, wasn't I? I'm sorry to read that it made you sad. That wasn't my intention at all of course! For me it was clear that those lovely babies are what we all are waiting for. Good to read that you haven't forgotten about the wait! Thankx!


I just today posted a pic on my blog that someone sent me of Emma while she was at the SWI - other than her finding ad, it's the earliest picture we have of her. It's both heart breaking and heart warming. We'll definitely go back to China as well, perhaps not to adopt, but at least to get a better feel for that amazing country.



Thanks for the understanding. It is nice to hear that those who have gone before us haven't forgotten what it was like to wait--no matter how long or short it was.

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