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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Kerita Kantz

That "Don't get mad, get even" statement is cool! I wonder how you'd get even with Cera & Dudas. Hmn, you must install a high powered garage door lock so that those two jokers can't sneak into your house.

BTW, you have such a great family! I so love your girls, they're like angels. You're so lucky to have them!


These are awesome photos! I'm not sure which one I like best -- they're all amazing!

I just love seeing your girls. I can't help but smile!


Karen Oglesby

oh oh... when Mark sees that he's going to have to try it with madison!


Oh, from one type A to another I wouldn't have been able to sleep. Kudos to you for attempting to let it go!

I so enjoy your pictures. You can see the love in everyone's eyes.


Love the joke!!! Made me laugh!!!

Great photos and I adore the one of Talley great!


Love the photos as always.

Yes, the week are flying by despite the wait seeming forever...if that makes one iota of sense?

I love the home 'turnabout'. That is precisely something I would do ;0)


OMG - I would have thought it was a ghost and went to a hotel. Swear that would have freaked me out!! But it is a real funny story.

I love the pics. My fav is the one of the girls and Matt on the slip and slide. Precious!!


What beautiful! I am going to buy a digital camera ready for my big trip, can you recommend one? yours seems great!

Okay that would TOTALLY freak me out the things being moved.....

As always your girls brighten my day. I was telling my social worker (just finished my 3rd visit) today how my rabbit got it's name...after your sweet one!!

I was listening to John Mayer as I looked at the photo's made the flying picture look all the more real....


What amazing pictures! Looks like a wet and wild weekend!

I am a person who likes things in their place. I would have totally freaked if someone had done that to me!


I would be a wreck too if my house was all rearranged. Us type A's don't deal with change very well do we? It is a funny joke though.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Tallie 'flying' that is so cool. The one of Matt and the girls on the Slip 'n Slide is great too!


WOW.. that is crazy that someone came in a re-arranged your house.

I think you have a future cheerleader in the making. (or gymnist perhaps) Maybe both. :-)

Love the waterslide pictures.


Love the pictures! Slip and slides--total fun!

Crazy joke--I thought it was funny since it didn't happen to me, but I would definitely be weirded out until I knew who did it!


hi.. love the pictures you took of the girls. they are such cute darlings.

i think little tahlia is a cheerleasder in the making... she doesn't look like she's scared of the height at all, in fact she looks like she's enjoying it to the max! Gimme a T-A-H-L-I-A...GO Tahlia! :)


What great pictures...looks like you had a nice weekend. Funny story about Cera changing everything around in you house. Glad she put everything back for you;)


One of my co-workers did that to our office one April Fools Day. It totally freaked me out! I knew it was a joke, because it was April Fools Day, but it still upset me until I got my office put back together. Then I laughed as everyone else came in and freaked out.
So, I totally understand!

Janet T.

I'm afraid we're soul sisters because I would have felt exactly the same way. I remember being VERY adamant to my family when we got married not to TOUCH anything in my house. NOTHING! I was sooo paranoid and freaked out about it, they didn't. :-)

I love the pictures! Your daughters are GORGEOUS!!!

Becky B

That would be me too - I could NOT sleep if my house wasn't picked up right -just ask my kids!!! Neat freak over here!!! LOVE the pics of the girls - they are beautiful!


OMG! That "joke" would really freak me out. I get upset that the cleaning ladies don't put everything back exactly where it was before they leave. I'd be up all night rearranging. Really!

I always love the pictures you take of your sweet girls. They are just darling.

Kathy and Joel

Hee Hee!! I love it and think that it is so great that you were able to laugh about it today. I'm a big joker, but if someone had done it to me, I'd be out of sorts as well. Joel can move one little thing in our house and I know immediately that something is "off".
You take such incredible photos, Sandra! The ones from this weekend are simply gorgeous!


As I started reading about the rearranging, I knew it hadn't gone over well with you. Funny how we've never met, but I still know that you're so much like me & wouldn't be comfortable with someone coming in & changing things. Of course, having read so much about Cera & Dudas, I had a funny feeling. However, if they'd like to come to S FL & help me out with rearranging & cleaning up, I'd take them up on it!

I love how Matt gets "down & dirty" (or should I say wet) with the girls. He really seems to enjoy playing with them as much as they enjoy having him play.

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