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Sunday, June 24, 2007



Oh MY! That just brought back a horrible memory for me. My mom did that to my hair when I was in grade school and took them out right b4 I had to catch the school bus. My hair was HUGE!! She made me wear it to school so we wouldn't be late. Everyone made fun of me and I cried al night. I washed my hair the moment I got home from school.

However, I think Jazzie's looks really fun and cute. I had way to much body in my hair for the extra braids it added.

Love the last pic of her and Talley!


Love the braids & the '80s big hair! My hair gets like that whenever I have a French braid.


Love the big hair! I was definitely rocking the big hair in the late 80's and early 90's. I wonder how much I spent on hairspray.


Cute, cute, cute :)


Too cute!


Our eight year old neighbor has this curling iron that gives that look to her hair.

Jazzie looks cute with the crinkled hair! Both girls are adorable in that last picture.


Rock on 80's girl!!! (I am SO one myself....will be stuck there forever!) scalp hurts tho just looking at all those braids.


Love it!!! What fun for the girls and I really love that she wanted her natural hair back. Miss Talley has some of the funniest little expressions : )


BTW, have read here and there for a while, just delurking to say hello as well :)


Oh my gosh, I just remembered that I used to do that when I was in elementary school! I used to braid the whole thing before bed and then take them out in the morning. Thanks for the memories!


Thanks Sandra for the wonderful comments. I actually tried to call you the day we go her picture.. but the number I have for you guys is not longer in service. Your blog has been with me since we started this journey actually before you started this blog I followed you guys on your web page. The other day I watch the video of Tally and I must have watched you getting her over and over and over... I hope some day to actually be able to meet you and your family.

Janet T.

You have to backcomb it to death and put so much hairspray in it that it won't move. Now THAT'S 80's hair! (Ouch- I had that!)

Becky B

That is TOO funny - we curled Chloe's today too - it stayed in WAY longer than I thought and it was quite cute - but it takes a minute or two to get used to them with curls/waves, doesn't it!?!? Too cute!!


I think she's adorable as an 80s girl!


Awe the girls look so cute with their "big" hair. Tahlia's hair is really growing fast. I wish Emma's would



I can barely make one braid, forget about a bunch of them. Love the look though. The girls are so adorable and Tahlia looks so grown up in these pics... love the outfits!


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