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Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Ahhh, the joys of forms! My goal is to work on my I-600 again today. I'm just planning on being totally annoyed. I hate these forms, they frustrate me repeatedly.


Forms, forms and more forms. Hoops, hoops and more hoops. Gotta love the jumping through them all!


red tape eh...


I just spent three hours at the passport office on Monday just waiting in line to get in. Once I actually got in it only took ten minuets and I was being helped and out the door in less then 15 minuetes. Don't stress out too much!!!


I feel your pain... I remember sitting down to fill out 3 applications at once and it took hours. I had no idea I would have to fill in so much info. On the 3rd pic I just scanned in one of the two I had gotten at WalMart onto the pc at home and made a third.


hang in there...grab a Star Bucks and take a breather! ;)


Sheez! You & I are going through this stuff together again! Doesn't it just peeve you that we have to fill this stuff out!? I really feel as if someone's yanking my chain. The funny part? I did exactly what you did down to the low ink! I'm going to complete the forms later this week when I'm feeling stronger & less inclined to drop kick my computer & printer.



That would be frustrating. In the end I am sure you will be glad you went the extra step for Jazzie.



Paperwork is so frustrating!!!!


As a hater I paperwork, I hear ya!!!

Janet T.

AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG! I hate it when my ink is low! I wish that our daughter's would be citizens as soon as we signed the adoption papers!!!


Forms completely frustrate me, too! If there is a way to make a mistake on a form I will find it! So, I feel your pain! :-)

Sherrie in HB

Oh you have touched a very touchy subject but my husband keeps reminding me - it is not for me but for our girls. I know the government system needs a lot of overhauling but that's not my job.

We did the re-adoption because not all the states recognize the C of C. Also I hate to say this - since we did all the paperwork to have her here, why not complete the whole process (fighting all the way to the post office).

Hang in there Sandra - you can stop off at Star Buck to celebrate one of your accomplishment.


Sounds like a day in my life...I get to fill out forms all day long. They all have their own 'rules', too.

Sorry I didn't get back to you about the weekend. Family reunion was NUTS! It was our first since Robby died.


Totally frustrating I am sure. We don't have to re-adopt here but I need to get Annslee's birth certificate and I have been putting that off too. Just seems like a way to get more $$ from us when it should just be given to them...GRRRR

Good luck getting it all done : )

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