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Thursday, June 07, 2007



Hmmm...Tar-Jay may need a 12 step program ;0)


Don't feel bad Sandra. I can't go into the Dollar Store and just get the stuff that's on my list! I love Target's clothes too!! They are just irresistably cute!!! Love the picture of Jazzie, but you always take such great pics!

Hugs -


I too have a Target addiction! Sophie knew what Target was before she was even 2 years old! She would recognize that bullseye every time I came home with a bag! Now that is scary!

Have a great weekend!


I have some of those same shirts for Daniel. I LOVE Target! ;)


Beautiful picture of Jazzie. Yes, I have a Target addiction myself!


I'm in the $100 club, too. I've tried, but no matter what my intent is when I enter, I always leave $100 poorer. On the other hand, I have $100 worth of fun stuff!

The lighting on Jazzie's picture is stunning, and Tahlia's t-shirt is too cute.


Hey! You have two beautiful girls! Love Target too!

Don't forget Targeting is a verb!



Love the t-shirt!!! The picture of Jazzie is so sweet.

Ps. I tagged you. Check it out on my blog. :)

Janet T.

I love that picture with the sun too! How cute is she, reading that big book?


We are going to Target this weekend!!! YAY!!

ok...hubby thinks we are going sight seeing...but we are going to TARGET...YAY!!!

Sherrie in HB

Hey, that's my shopping therapy. See I have a problem at my Target store, there is a Starbuck inside. So when I need shopping therapy, I get my java and look over all the cute stuff that is there.

My secret for shopping at Target is I will look over the stuff and then wait two or three weeks, it will be in the 30% sales rack. So I have to go back - they are on sale.

I go in for 1 item too and I come home with over $100.00 worth of stuff. So I am only allow in there once a month.

If the Canadian folks do not have a Target, where do they go for their "Target" stuff? Just curious.


Another Canuck, who's down on her luck, 'cause there isn't a Target around...

LOVE the shirt! LOVE the picture of Jazzie with the sun on her face!

Becky B

I love the sun on her face - SO sweet!!! And wouldn't it shock you if she knew what she was reading?!?!? :) AND Nope, can't go into Target either without blowing a wod!!! It's just not fair!!


Okay I am SO jealous because as Michelle said here in Canada we do not have Target and I LOVE that store. I guess it's a little easier on the wallet but they have the cutest things like Talia's shirt:)



I rarely shop at Target ... only because we don't have it here in Canada ... otherwise I know I would be addicted! I love the shirt ...and the picture of Jasmine reading is just adorable!


I love Tracy's comment! (and I love the pics)

Target I could do without....HAHAHAHA!! SOOOO KIDDING! I went there yesterday for 4 things. 4. I had a list. I walked out spending $128.00!! What goes on?


Gah. That is one cute shirt. I don't allow myself to walk thru the kids sectio, cuz I buy stuff for nieces, so I can live vicariously thru them!


Personally, we're WalMart & Target junkies - both David & myself. I love Target's bathing suit selection, & since Erin goes in the pool every day 5 days a week twice a day, I do get to indulge myself there. David can't say anything because he doesn't do the laundry. Their t-shirts are just killer too!

I love the pics of Jazzie reading. Erin has started reading her own books too. I wonder sometimes what she's doing but then I hear her telling a story. If she knows the actual story (i.e., Cinderella), she gets pretty close.


I love that shirt too. Amelia almost got it, but I had to stop buying her clothes...her closet is ridiculously full.
If you ask Amelia if she wants to go shopping she will always say, "YES!" if you ask her where, she'll always say "Target!" She LOVES Target, they give her a free cookie at the bakery and she'll NEVER forget a place she gets free food:)


Target is every mother's downfall!

I love those photos! It would make a great scrapbook page that reads..."Always keep your face turned towards the sun..."

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