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Saturday, June 30, 2007



Hehehe...I have worn every one of those never wear agains and agree completely.


Oohhh GREAT list!!


I'll have to take you up on this challenge!

I'm going to admit to knowing the songs by the Wiggles. With Arms Wide Open by Creed I had never listened to until Jazzie's referral. Now when I hear it, I see Jazzie in my mind's eye.

As for big shoulder pads, who thought of those!? That person needs to have their brains examined!


I love the poor little buddy story! Too cute!


No shoulder pads and bleached jeans....oh c'mon! lol Why not????

Janet T.

I will NEVER wear shoulder pads again either. What was I thinking?


Explain this tag thing to me???? How does one tag a person???

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