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Monday, June 11, 2007



You taught them did they get the candy?? LOL!!!


did they get the candy?

too cute!!!


Too stinkin' cute! I'm waiting for these kind of days with Sophia and Daniel!Lucky you!


I still remember my mom telling me: yes ma'am, no ma'am, please and thank you are rules to remember.

Politeness and manners will get you FAR in this world!


Very sweet and I think your getting through! I love their little picnic set up!


Well, they definitely deserve some candy! What sweet and beautiful girls you have!



So? Did the girls get any candy afterwards?

Good for you for stressing manners. As someone who works with children daily (yes, a teacher), I am discouraged by the lack of common courtesy and respect displayed by today's kids. It's rather scary.

Way to go, Jazzie!



After last night I KNOW what you mean. Our little neighbor spent the night with us last night. My niece is in town visiting and she and E love to play together. Last night I was shocked by the manners, or lack there of, of our little neighbor. Manners are so important.

Your girls are so cute. :)

Doris Clark

Too cute! That is something that so many people are lacking. It is really important to us as well. Thanks for sharing that it does work if you keep at it.

Keep smilin!


I press manners, too. It's slowly but surely working. Kudos to you and to Jazzie for learning so quickly :)


That's too cute. It's amazing how smart kids can be! I'm sure you're getting through to them.


Becky B

That makes me smile - yep, you are getting through!! They are little smarties though!!!


That is very cute... So Sandra my I have some candy??? Please... Please and thank-you!!!! ha ha


Very smart girls. I love the little conversations they have together.


How sweet of Jazzie. Sandra your doing an excellent job with your girls.

Janet T.

All I can say is HOORAY for you!!! It's so nice to hear someone else that think manners are important.


Ms. Jazzie is simply brilliant!


And did they get their candy Mommy?

Too cute! And, yes, you're getting through.

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