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Tuesday, June 05, 2007



She is so funny!


That was so great!
Lily and I giggled right along with you girls...and she made me play it over 3 times!


Adorable! What a ham! Weston enjoyed the entertainment as well...though he is completely convinced it's Mali!


so adorable! She sure loves the camera!

Sue B

She certainly is a character...a very cute one but you can see her "sassy" side too!! Very cute singing Old McDonald - the voices and faces are a riot! Thanks for sharing!


SO cute! I love her silly little faces. :)


Toooooooo cute! Love her laugh and hearing your voice too! ;)


Thanks for that! I needed it this morning. She is too darn cute! Love the song!!! :)


Erin came in just as I was starting to watch Tahlia's video clip. She watched her so intently & thought it was funny when Tahlia kept putting her eye to the lens.

Tahlia has a great personality. You can really see how inquisitive she is along with her wonderful sense of fun!


She is so cute! This put a whole new depth of perspective on her little much came through and she is just what I thought she would be like from her pictures except more grown up.

David Mc

OH MY LORD! She is so adorable!


Very cute! What a fun little sweetie you have there!


Oh! My! Gosh! The cuteness!


No shortage of personality on Ms. Cutie. She's quite the songstress. I love it when she makes her squinched up face....too cute.


The camera loves her, and so do I! :-)


What a cute little goof ball. Just love her singing!!!


She is so cute and funny! Great video! I think she may be a movie star one day!

Kathy and Joel

I love how she says, "My Little Pony"!! Too cute! Thanks for sharing her joy today.


This is my first trip over here. Usually I lurk for a while on a new site, but I couldn't NOT say something when I saw your girls. BEEEAUUUTAAAYS!!!
Looks like your family has a jolly ol' time.

Janet T.

Adorable! She is really cute! Love her cute little giggles!

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