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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



You take the BEST pictures Sandra. Those are awesome shots.


LOVE the ladybug water wings, can I ask where you got them?? We are huge ladybug fans in our household & I's love a pair for my sweetie :)

Thanks, Alison in Canada

e mail:


I am so proud of Jazzie. I am still doing my lessons. Today I was told I 'glide' in the water.

Looks like tons of fun at your house!


They are definitely water girls! Looks like a blast!


Love the water fun! Oh, and glad Miss Talley didn't do too much damage to her hair. Annslee was playing with the playdough scissors and hubby joked "wanna cut my hair?" I put a stop to that quickly...not even funny!


Those are great pictures! I Love summertime fun, spending the whole day in the pool!
Can you please tell me what kind of pool you have and where you got it? We are looking for a bigger wading type of pool for my daycare kids.


Ok, please tell me where you found those adorable Ladybug Floaties/Waterwings! They're too cute!


Hey Sandra, just getting caught up with your 2 cutie-patootie fishies...glad they are lovin' their swim time. They look adorable soaking wet!

Loved your post on rocking Talley to sleep. (I hear you so loud and clear on that one)

Also cracked up at the yogurt/manners post. Gotta love that. All your hard work is paying off!


Looks like so much fun!!

Just watched the video of Tahlia singin old macdonald...HOW CUTE!!!!


Too fun! Amelia is a fish too! My sister took her to the pool yesterday and reported that she was repetedly jumping into 3 feet of water and climbing out of the pool by herself. I think I'm glad I wasn't there to see that, considering that would be well above her head and she can't really swim.
I wonder if the girls were in water in Yangchun...Madison loves water too?


Oh wow...ladybug floaties...who knew?

Love the photos and that blow up pool looks awesome. One of these days I'll be in the market for such fun stuff.

Janet T.

Love the ladybug water wings! Have fun, little fishies!


I am so jealous!! I want a blow up pool! David won't let me get one though. We bought pools for each of the last summers since Erin came home. She screamed in terror just being in the backyard with them. Not a pretty picture at all.

The girls look like they're having so much fun in the pool. They have such expressive faces!


How warm are you guys out there? How warm is that pool???? Great idea having a water table.

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