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Friday, June 01, 2007



Your girls are adorable. You seem to be such a loving family. Although I am not a stay at home mommy (I teach), my parents care for my girls when I am at school. The next best thing. THank you for sharing your input and photos. I really love your blog.
gigi and girls


The pictures made my eyes well up! I love the one near the bottom where it looks like Tahlia is leaning on Jazzie.


Very cute photos!


What beautiful sisters they are....I love the one of Tahlia resting on Jazzie and the first one where Jazzie is looking tenderly at Tahlia...



Sooooo sweet! I love the expression on Jazzie's face when she's wiping off the sweat, but the best picture is the sisterly moment. That one needs to be framed =)


Those girls just can't be any cuter!


Awesome photos!

Yep, some gals will just have to have their pap smear a day later because this mama is coming to as much of her girl's events as she can.

Debbie in the UK

you know, when mine were small i job shared and baby shared with my sister, so i was lucky. i also only worked for 3 hours per day. even so, i would have MUCH rathered be home with my kids each and every day if finances would have allowed. those years are so fleeting and so special. well done for being such a great mom!


I have only been a SAHM for a few months but I love it!! It is the hardest job I have ever had but it is also the most rewarding. The girls look beautiful as always!

Becky B

I love that sheltering look over her sister - that is so special!!! Yep, I'm thankful to be home with mine too - it's a blessing - MOST of the time!


I'm one of those unlucky moms who has to work outside of the house. Thankfully, my company allows us time each month to volunteer in our children's schools. On top of that, my immediate manager is a definite kid person. He willingly works twice as hard when I disappear for a few hours. His only request is that I show him some pics!

As a Sunday teacher at my synagogue, I'm horrified when a parent doesn't show up for events. We only have 3 or 4 a year so you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to show up. I even tell the parents that they should bring their coffee with them. (Thankfully many of them know of my strict allegiance to Starbucks & keep me in supply. My school director laughs because she knows I can't live without the stuff.)

This past year, I had one child whose mother came (in the last 15 minutes) because we called to tell her that her child was THE ONLY ONE without a parent there, & he was crying. The woman had the audacity to be upset with us for calling her & waking her up!! Then she told her son his work wasn't up to her standards. I should have let her sleep in.

When I go to Erin's school, if there's a child without a parent, I try to pay special attention to that child for part of the morning. Erin's cool with that & it shows her that we have to take care of other people too.

BTW, the girls looks wonderful. You must be so proud of Jazzie & how sweet she was with Tahlia.

Kathy and Joel

I can't wait to be a SAHM and am certain that the difficult days will be outweighed by the joy of it all.
Your Field day looked as fun as ours was today! Your pictures made me think that perhaps my grade eight class should organize a Field day for our grades one to three classes. They do not have a Field day and it may be something that we can do for them...can you tell me what some of the events were?


I am so grateful to my husband for letting me be a SHAM too. Love the picture with the two of them leaning on each other!


Okay, those pictures brought tears to my eyes. They are just too sweet together.


I also love being a SAHM. It's been a financial challenge, but worth every penny. You're girls are so beautiful! They look so happy.


Love the pics!! How cute those 2 girls together. Makes me want to get going on #2!! LOL... (wait...I don't even have Hannah home yet!) I wish I could be a SAHM, but it just won't work in the finance dept. Luckily I am in sales and can work some from home.... daycare freaks me out...but no choice. :(


Awwwwww.... that actually made me a little teary. Brought back memories of growing up with my sister. We're 2 years apart. We fought hard but we loved hard too. Now we are the best of friends. T & J will have that great relationship as adults, too.


What melting heart moments! Amazing isn't it? Love your photos, love your blog. Was directed to it through Michelle ages (yes, years) ago and have been checking in ever since while I now wait for my referral -- 10 months today!


Janet T.

I also feel VERY blessed to be a SAHM! Your field day looked wonderful! My favorite picture was the one with Jazzie wiping the sweat off. THAT is beautiful!

Doris Clark

Special sisterly love!

Keep smilin!

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