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Friday, June 29, 2007



Sweet moments...except the diaper. Oops - that is precisely something I would do.

Good job with WW. It's the most realistic plan and it does work. 1 Point WW fudge bar in salute to better health!


Those sure are precious moments...cherish them.
Brings tears to my eyes! So so precious!!


Congrats on the weight loss!! I know that you've been stressed over everything, & I'm sure that this milestone means a break for you. The borderline diabetic thing is hard, but there are ways to work it out. If you're a pasta person, look for Dreamfields Pasta. Although the carb count is high, there are only 5 grams of "bad" carbs. David is diabetic, & this is the only pasta we use. He also makes his own pasta sauce in bulk. He can eat an entire bowl of pasta with no repercussions.


Congratulations on the weight loss! I had a similar experience a few years ago and I used Weight Watchers. I really liked it!I need to join again.


Glad you are feeling better and 12 lbs....way to go girl! That is fantastic! And as far as the lady bug scissors? Told you.... you are the LADY BUG QUEEN! ;)


Congrats on losing 12 pounds. I am ashamed to say I joined May 26 and only went to two meetings and have not returned. I turned 40 in May and have been a bit bummed.
I have got to do something, but I get so overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing, because I know I need to go and you are certainly inspiring. I have you increased your exercise routine along with the meal plan. Any tidbit of information is appreciated.

Kathyand Joel

Twelve pounds??? How wonderful!! I loved every little random thing about this post, Sandra. Love, love, love how much you love your girls!


AWESOME SANDRA!!! I've had great success with WW when I've done it in the past, you'll do great if you stick with it long term and it really is a lifestyle change.


Great job on loosing the 12.6 pounds. I need to do something myself. Trying on my own hasn't helped. Is Weight Watcher's hard to follow?
I love dropping in to see what your girls are up to. They are so precious.


It is the little things that make it all worth while. How sweet your girls are.

Congratulations on losing 12 pounds. That is FANTASTIC!!!


Good job on the 12.6 pounds! I'm back on the wagon myself. Even went to the gym this week. Woohoo!


Great job on the weight loss!! I need to rejoin WW.....sigh....

Sophia is like Tahlia with the birds. She sees one and says bird outside while doing the sign for bird.


Good job on the weight loss! Hey-we have those same scissors. Just can't beat Target!
Tahlia is so sweet.


Wooohooo! for weight loss! That's big stuff!

It is the simple things that make a small child happy and ticked. ;0)

Cute scissors and I hate it when I wash a diaper. I think I have invented more 4 letter words when I open a washer and find those nasty little beads everywhere. ugh...tgif!


Congrats on the weight loss! I was going to start WW again on Monday, but now that I'm leaving for Madrid and London, all weight loss efforts will have to be postponed!

I love that T says such cute things. Just makes my heart smile.


Ahhh, the memories. I too have washed a diaper. Not pretty.


Congratulations on the 12.6 pounds!


Sandra - I can always count on you to spy shop at Target for me:)- just when I thought I could stay away this week - those scissors are adorable:) There is no getting around the ladybug thing - don't even try:)


Haven't been blogging lately, but was starting to miss seeing your sweet girls' faces so I popped in for a nice to see you all.
Take care,

Becky B

You make me smile - i LOVE the diaper in the dryer - been there and done that!!!

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