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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Robin Geoppinger

I just heard on the news this commercial will be shown during pre-superbowl hoopla. What great air time! Go Pepsi!


That commercial is fantastic!! It's so funny, too. I really need to learn to sign! Pepsi had a good idea for sure with that commercial.

Stephen Hopson/Adversity University

I blogged about it too in my weekly gratitude post. My gratitude went to Karen Putz for having the courage to stand up and be counted in the face of withering criticism and pressure. Her story both inspired and pressed some deeply hidden buttons that I didn't know existed!

Thanks for helping a fellow blogger spread the news - she's my buddy too!


I can't believe how that woman was treated at Steak and Shake! I am glad it is getting so much publicity - no one should ever treat another human being so unkindly...deaf, hearing, or otherwise.

I LOVED that Pepsi commercial - HILARIOUS!


What a great commercial! I hadn't seen that one. Had me LOL! so glad that Pepsi gets it. Hopefully a lot of good will come because of Karen's story. Both with Steak and Shake and possibly other places like the news stations that do not always offer a captioning option for their online news stories. We're always learning. Thank you for sharing her story with us Sandra.


I think this commercial is awesome in SOOO many ways. It is just pure genius of deaf humor.

PS: Thank you for leaving a comment and I added you to my little list and will look forward to getting to know you :)


That commercial is GREAT! It's so sad that she was treated that way. I'm glad she was able to get on TV and share her story though.. maybe some people like that awful employee will think twice now before doing something so horrible.


LOVE the commercial...thanks for sharing. In our area, many of the drive thrus now have the orders that pop up on the screen. Really saves with the miscommunication. Obviously, I can't speak for all Steak -N-Shakes, or even how Lindsi would do in a drive thru ordering situation...but I can say that at our Steak N shake the crew is great. I always let Lindsi take our check up & pay for our meal there. They've always been very patient with her.

mom to Lindsi & Jami


I love the Pepsi commercial. While I can't stand their product, I admire how they are celebrating diversity with this commercial.

Steak & Shake needs to make some serious changes to their policy about how clients are treated. While they aren't a place that I usually go to, I certainly won't be adding to their profit base in the future.


I saw that on Karen's blog last night...did you see that she got on the NEWS tonight?? Way to go, girl! I'm so proud of her!!!
And I stole the Pepsi commercial for my blog. Doesn't Pepsi, like, totally rock??!?

James T Beaton

I saw you in Karen's blog and I am deaf as well. I noticed you live in Ohio.

Anyway, I loved the commeercial. Thanks for sharing.



Oh man what I LOVED about the commercial was how it said they are celebrating different ABILITIES. WOW.

As for your friend, shame on Steak-n-Shake.
Outrageous is absolutely right and she deserves a lot more than a mere apology.

Steffie B.

Great commercial....and I am so upset about your unfair and just plain unkind!


That Pepsi commercial ROCKS. Not only does it promote diversity, but it's funny. They got it so RIGHT. Steak and wrong.

Melissa S.

Now that is a great commercial.


Love the commercial...heading over to Karen's blog now : )


Karen's problem at Steak and Shake has caused me to put them on my do not go to list. It is terrible. I am so excited about the Pepsi commerical.

Your daughters are beautiful.



OH MY GOD!!! That completely sends me over the edge. Wrong. So wrong.


Oh that's a GREAT commercial!! I'm appalled for your friend Karen as well. I hope someone at Steak and Shake hears what happened and policies are changed. That is just so incredibly wrong.

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