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Monday, February 04, 2008



wow those look awesome! what a great/easy recipe.

Super Mommy

Looks yummy!


Thanks so much for the recipe! I am not a big fan of bean paste, so jam will definitely work. They look super delicious to me! I can't wait until Briana is old enough to help me in the kitchen!


We are totally making those tomorrow night! Amelia's school wasn't doing anything for Chinese New Year, so I asked her teacher if I could provide a craft and some books for them to read. Mooncakes would be a perfect treat. I actually think I can handle that recipe with Amelia's help. Thank you for sharing!!

Two Kayaks

Fun stuff!! I desperately want to try my hand at these but I know my limits. Today at school, we cooked a pancake breakfast for my fellow colleagues. I was on pancake duty, but was "moved" to toast duty as soon as they saw the oblong, black cakes I was producing. Sigh.


Good job Jazzie and Tahlia! Your cookies look great. We'll have to make those..we've never made them before. :)


WE are sooo going to have to try this recipe. I cheat every year and buy Moon Pies. We are going to a Chinese New Year celebration with our playgroup tonight.


Thanks for the recipe, they look yummy!


Thanks for the recipe! We're having a CNY party at our house this weekend and I needed a good desert type treat. I think this will be it :)

Pug Mama

You are such a good mother - it shows in every single post you do.

Lea Harper

they are so cute! They look so intense doing their baking!



wow that was fast ~ thanks so much for the recipe Sandra!!

Angela :)


I love your tradition of making moon cakes with the girls. I wish that I could do that with Erin for her class. Unfortunately, anything that is brought in must be kosher. Either way, I can't wait for you to share your recipe since the moon cakes you can buy are pretty gross.


what a wonderful tradition!!

Those moon cakes look very pretty and yummy!! Great job Jazzie and Tahlia!!

Would you mind sharing your recipe when you have a chance? I would love to make some with Ella when she is finally home with us!

Thanks so much!! Love your blog!

Angela :)

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