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Monday, March 03, 2008



Wiki stix are like magic to the preschool set.


A portable DVD player is definitely worth the investment & perhaps a few new DVD's the girls have never seen. Disney princess movies are wondeful, they are long but not too long, if that makes sense :)

Bon Voyage

Steffie B.

OMW.....I am green with envy....I haven't been back in years......I have so many family members there too. My Mother goes every year....she was born there so she feels like she is going home every time. PLEASE post pictures.....I will be waiting daily.....~sigh~ Dag!~ ;)


I just bring lots of little things that are NEW to her (they don't have to be new) and bring out one at a time. Target dollar spot is good for that. Also lots of snacks.

I was going to say that Holland seems like where one should be at Easter time.

I'm so jealous - tulips are my favorite flower.

Have fun.

Mary Beth in A'dam

Sandra,So happy for you that you will finally get back to NL with your 2 little sweeties. You will be SO busy and exhausted, but have lots of fun. Be sure to take pix in the little farmer's girls costume with the klompen.
Mary Beth in A'dam, now in Boston with my U.S. family

Debbie in the UK

So weird that you will be really close to the UK. Have a great trip back to Rotterdam. Good luck with Tahlia, but I am sure she will be absolutely fine.




I have a dvd with an extended battery. It lasts something like 8 hours. Your welcome to borrow it if you would like.
Color wonder has always been a favorite on planes.


Portable dvd player?

Enjoy the trip though!


My tip for the flight: Benadryl!
What???? Is that wrong?? ;0)



Leuk dat jullie naar Nederland komen!
Volg je blog al zo lang, en straks landen jullie gewoon op Schiphol.
Succes tijdens de vliegreis, en hopen dat de meiden ook een gedeelte er van echt kunnen slapen....scheelt wat

Veel plezier!



Yes, finally you come to Holland :-)! Will we meet you? It depends how everything will go with Edwins dad, but I would love to meet you and your beautiful girls! Perhaps we can arrange something?



I agree with the magna doodles and leapsters. My youngest had a leapster and we LOVED it. When mine were young we had a bag of things to open during the 18 hour drive to FL. Brings lots of snacks!!
Have a GREAT trip!!


Wow, have a wonderful trip! I second the recommendations of the magna doodle and the Leapster, my kiddos love both.

I can't wait to see pictures from Holland!


Sandra, I don't have any advice for your flight. But I am wishing you a wonderful trip and asking that you please take lots of pictures. I would love to see 'your' home.

Sharie Greif

We spent 11 hours in the car on Saturday. Amelia was an angel. Although it was broken into 2- 5 hour trips she watched 1 movie each way and slept a 1/2 hour to an hour each way. I also took her a Hooked on Phonics work book I bought, but that only kept her interested for about 5 minutes.
I think Tahlia may surprise you.
I am so excited for you, I can't imagine being away from my family for 3 days much less three years!


we do leapsters and gameboys as stickers, crafts, drawing, etc. would not have kept my oldest entertained for even a 2 hour flight. 11 hour flight? Hmmm...leapster, craft items, she'll sleep some (hopefully), and what about a portable DVD player (or use your laptop).

Have fun on your trip!!!!


It is going to be an amazing trip. I bet it will be just beautiful at this time of year.

Doug and I are going to take Briana to Florida in May and it will be a two hour flight. I am stressing about it!


How wonderful. I hope you have a fantastic visit with your family. I have no advice for you, just my best wishes for a great trip.

Lea Harper

wow, that is great. Funny how you just know the time is right.



Wow! Back to Holland? That sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm sure your entire family is looking forward to this trip. I can only imagine all the pictures you're going to take in 10 days.

Whenever Erin & I travel, I take her Leapster, her portable FP3 player, her own Kid Tough Digital camera, a portable DVD player with a spare battery, coloring books w/crayons & things of that nature.

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