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Sunday, March 02, 2008



I second that statement. Thank you for being so honest about this. I really thought I was nuts when I came after waiting so long could I feel the way that I did? Its hard...people don't know....its scary. Thank you for being there to talk to when I got home. You helped more than you know!


Boy do I know how you feel! It can all come back sometimes, the anger, frustration, depression. I'm so glad you were able to see past that into the person you are today. We've both come a long way baby!


I'm so glad you were able to share about your experience. I was at an adoption seminar on the weekend and the stats are that 50% of adoptive moms deal with some sort of P.A.D. I was shocked to hear how high the number was.

Thank you for being so open and honest with us. I'm going to put a link you you P.A.D. post just in case I need it someday.

So glad to hear that last week your feelings and love for Tahlia were so different and that you were also able to recognize that.

Steffie B.

I stand behind you on this one all the way. Knowing that I myself suffered with some mild PPD, I totally understand. Now there isn't a thing I wouldn't do for my boy! ;)


Seeing and hearing how you love and interact with both of the girls; well, it's been amazing to watch the growth. I believe that there are adjustments to make with all families but especially with the blended ones. So many changes and differences. So many people not yet-if ever- realizing that the changes must come from inside each of us. I congratulate you for the strength and endurance to persevere. Your daughters are a beautiful testament to your strength and love. Thank you for being so honest and generous with your stories of life.

Two Kayaks

You are so real, so right and so loved.


It's such an important message. Keep carrying that banner. We all need to hear it.


I do believe it is real, I have experienced SAD and PPD. I love that you are honest enough to write it and post it. Thanks for keeping it real.

Sharie Greif

If you can't hear it...I am applauding you right now!
Tahlia has come SO far in the last two years and so have you Mama:)
I'm also applauding you for sharing your story so that others can learn from your experience. There is NOTHING more valuable!



I've referred a few friends to your PAD post. I so appreciate your honestly and openness about such an important topic.


Your courage to talk about P.A.D. and other difficult topics is a source of inspiration. I still think you should write a book! :-)

Lea Harper

You have a beautiful warm face. Thank you for this post.



Thank you for keeping it real.


Thank you for this, I didn't realize you'd gone through this yourself... it helps so much to hear about what it is really like (or can be like) and to know that PAD is normal/real too.


Great post and perfect three words.

I remember when I first got home with Briana and I was so sick with pneumonia. I felt that depression start to kick in. Did I have what it took to be a mom? Did I make the right decision? My life had changed in an instant when she was handed to me. All those things flooded into my head and it was scary. And then I felt guilty for feeling those feelings...

Things got better when I started feeling better, but those feelings were very real. Thanks for being so open and honest.


Not only is P.A.D. real but many more parents suffer from it than will admit to it. Surely there is no stigma but too many people think there is something wrong with admitting to it.

Many times I will talk to people about what happens once they are home. We have a tendency to think that once we get home & real life begins that all will be good. I've spoken frequently about how we as adoptive parents need to be there for each other.

Again, thanks for keeping the truth out there my friend.

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