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Monday, March 31, 2008


Karen Oglesby

I have tears of joy reading your memories-- with a few giggles as well- what a great day and great memories. Jazzie has just grown into an amazing beautiful little girl... you have a wonderful family


What a very special day. She is so beautiful. I just love seeing the progression...


Great post and pictures. She is a very beautiful girl.


Happy Referral Day! I love this story. And I love the tradition of taking the pic each year. I may have to use this one myself.


I love this tradition ... Jasmine was a gorgeous baby, and now a very beautiful little girl. She is such a blessing!


I wish I had started a tradition like this Sandra, I love seeing the recap of pictures each year!


Happy referral anniversary. She's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing with all of us.


Happy Referral Anniversary, she is a true blessing, she is just adorable in each photo holding her referral photo.


Jazzie changed SO much over the last year...WOW, she's really growing up.


Amazing - I love to watch them grow!!! What a blessing!


Happy Referral Day! Seeing this gives me hope.

LID 5/15/06


BEAUTIFUL Post and a BEAUTIFUL little Girl!!
I remember seeing my sons face for the first time and it is something I will NEVER forget!
Happy Referral Day!!


Tears streaming down my face, I opened your blog today knowing what song I would hear & what pictures I would see. Knowing how long our wait was back then (nothing in comparison to waits these days) & sending thanks to G-d that referrals had finally started to come in.

Our wait was long & hard especially in light of SARS & not knowing if &/or when we would travel to bring home our much loved & long awaited daughters.

Happy Anniversary!!



Happy Referral Anniversary!!!!

Lea Harper

Love the post!



Happy anniversary, you lucky mommy!


Oh my gosh I'm like CRYING over here! That's the very first song on my "china songs" CD I made for myself to help me feel more connected to my daughter who I've yet to see. I so love this post and seeing how they looked then and now!


What a beautiful baby she was and a beautiful young lady she's turning into. Congratulations on your referral day. Did ya'll get to China and back before the big SARS slowdown??


Happy anniversary to you and your family! I was "a waiting heart" as well (one of the over-seas ones :-))and I can't believe it's been 5 years since the call! A very special day for all of us!!!


I LOVE that post so much. Jazzie is my all-time world's favorite salami monster. I would be beyond thrilled to be half as blessed with my child.

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