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Saturday, April 26, 2008



One on one time with your children is vital. I have fond memories of those das with mine....


How fun and what a great idea! Those are some cute fingers and toes Miss Jazzie!


What a fun day! I love to do that stuff with my son although he wont get his nails done! Hope the week is better for Jazzie...


Jazzie looks so happy to have her mommy all to herself :) You have two very beautiful daughters. I recently came across your blog and I am enjoying it so much. Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like we had similar days (minus a snake!)

I really treasure the one on one time I get with my kids. With busy kids, it just doesn't happen as often as I'd like.

Glad you had a fun day! Those are the days that Jazzie will hold in her memories!


what a great mommy and jazzie day! i'm sure talley had fun with her daddy too.


That's awesome! I'm taking a parenting class offered at work and they really stress the importance of 1:1 time with each child every day, they say aim for 15 minutes. I'm sure since Jazzie is at school all day Tahlia gets a little more attention right now and that's normal. For both your girls, there is NOTHING better than Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me time no matter what you're doing! I thought about you a couple times today. I was reading an article about Mommy guilt in Parenting magazine this morning, I meant to tear it out and mail it to you, but I finished so left it behind at gymnastics for other Moms.
We were at Target twice today! I thought about you checking out the first time as I really thought I was going to get out under $50, but I came in at $51 something, almost! The second time I was under $30. What stinks is the only fun things we bought were a horn for Amelia's bike and some purple sparkle nail polish...

Have a great Sunday!


It sounds like Jazzie really needed a day alone with her mommy. And you certainly gave her a special day! I try to do something like that with Erin every once in a while.

I love the blue polish & daisies! Erin tends to go for pink with glitter! I think this is such a special time - not just for our girls but for us also.


What a great day! It's tough to coordinate activities when the kids are such different ages. Glad today was Jazzie's day with mom and I'm guessing Tahlia had a great day with daddy too!

Those are fancy, beeeautiful fingers and toes Jazzie!! The daisies are an extra special touch!


I can't wait until I can do mommy/daughter days like this! Looks like you two had a blast. And I must say that's the best mani-pedi I've seen in awhile. Love it!


I LOVE Jazzie's nail color with the pretty flowers. One week from today we will be dinng together, my friend. I can't wait!


this is a great idea~! I just might have to take my Chloe for a manicure!


I have to say I think those are the PRETTEST nails and toes I have EVER seen!!!
(I love the picture of her with the BIG smile on her face getting her nails painted).

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