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Friday, April 11, 2008



Thanks for posting about this. I am in the beginning stages of this adoption process. I am trying to make sure i understand what it really means. You have such a beautiful way of describing your thoughts and tears rolled down my face as I read this post. I am encouraged though, and am looking forward to meeting our lil one too.


I remember wondering when Briana first came home if I had made the right decision to adopt. I was so overwhelmed and she wasn't attaching as quickly as I had hoped. It was really difficult. But now, I am so deeply in love with her. I can't imagine my life without her.

I love this post!


What an beautifully touching post. You are one real, strong, honest woman and that is such a gift to so many.


Another beautiful post.
And another post that I have to wipe a tear.
I am so happy to hear that in the end it all falls into place.
I will soon be traveling to adopt dgt #2 and have been having mixed feelings and then I feel guilty because I have these feelings!
Gail B.


Thank you for sharing.

Two Kayaks

You went through quite a bit during this time. Be easy on yourself. No one plans to feel the way you did and the more I read, the more I come to learn that many, many moms feel this way in the beginning. You are certainly not alone.


I did not experience this, but I have a very close friend who did. Thank you for sharing this post. We are LID almost a year now for our second daughter. Sometimes I worry about the changes that will take place and how it will affect our life with Spicy Girl. As much as I can't wait to get over there and bring our daughter home, I can't help wondering if we're doing the right thing, since life with Spicy Girl has been so wonderful. Thank you for this.


How could you have that way? Easily. You were dealing with so much on your plate, & you are only human. Those of us who know you, knew you would pull through. You just needed time, love & support. I'm just happy that you reached out & have dealt with what you needed to do.

It sounds like you two had a great day together!



Isn't it amazing how we need those gentle reminders, and how wonderful it feels when we are reminded that we are, in fact, good parents?


What a precious moment indeed... it melted my heart just reading it.
I am so glad you and your Tahlia have come to a place of healing and love....
and they lived happily ever after.


Those are the most special times!!
Amelia got new pink Crocs last week too...same size as her last pair 6/7, but light pink Mary Janes instead of dark pink. Are Tahlia's feet small too?

Thank you for sharing about your PAD! I know how much you're helping others;)

Lea Harper

Depression is such a disabling illness. I am so happy for you that you have come through the worst of it. I believe when we suffer something like this it NEVER, EVER, really leaves us. Maybe its just a touch here and there. Maybe that little touch here and there reminds us how happy we are to be back.

Thank you for this lovely, lovely post. I admire you greatly.


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