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Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Belated Happy Forever Family Day to you all....and what a beautiful post Sandra! We will never forget those "forever" days as long as we live. I get emotional with each and every one of them because they are so incrediby special! Have a great week!


Happy 5 years together. Yes, looking into your child's eyes for the first time has to be a moment that words cannot lend justice.


Just beautiful :) I'm bawling here, too. It brought back all the wonderful memories of DD's arrival and made me even more excited (if that's possible) about the arrival of DS from Korea this summer.

Happy Five Years!


We have the same forever day. This is our 2 year anniversary with Katie Starr.

Your video brought tears to my eyes. Check out my blog to view our gotcha :)



What a beautiful picture of your joyful little girl. Happy 5 years!


Wow! What an amazing moment!
Happy Family Day!!!


WOW! I just watched both videos. I am sitting here in tears. I am so happy for you, Matt and Jazzie for your oh so happy day. Congratulations!!


5 years ago today, your fellow Waiting Hearts family was waiting to hear all about your Gotcha Day. It was the first time for many of us this whole China adoption "thingy."

We didn't know what to expect. We should have known to expect love, friendship strength, guidance & all the good things that have come since that long ago time.

Jazzie has grown into a beautiful person with the love & guidance she receives daily. You & Matt have become the best advocates for this amazing child.

Happy Anniversary!


I still remember the moment I stood in the doorway waiting for my daughter to come through and how the tears began to flow. I couldn't believe that it was happening. You made me relive my moment and again the tears...of joy! Happy 5 years! Thanks for sharing with us. You have a beautiful family. We are so blessed.


Happy 5 years to a BEAUTIFUL little girl and her beautiful forever family:-)


Oh how precious *wipes away tears to see the screen*! Happy Forever Family Day to all of you. We'll be celebrating 5 years of meeting our spicy girl at the HuaTian in January. :)


Totally bawling over here. Happy Family Day!

Lea Harper

Love this picture!



Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful anniversary of your first day as a family. Celebrating this day never ever gets gets old, I can imagine you'll feel the same way another 5, 10, and 15+ years from now as you did on the day you received her.


Happy Forever Family Day! Our daughter is also from Youxian and your video brings back fond memories of time spent with the staff. Have a wonderful day.


Happy Forever Family Day! Thanks for sharing that video...boasting my confidence and determination that our time will come.

Keep smilin!


I watched the whole travel video again. Can't even tell you the number of times I've already seen it. LOL! Thanks for sharing that special moment with the rest of us. It moves me every time.

Happy 5 Years!


I can't watch the video without crying! Happy 5 years together!


Happy 5th Family Day! AWWWWW!


Five years? Awesome! Congratulations on a wonderful anniversary.

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