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Friday, May 23, 2008



Happy 3 years. Is it really possible that she gets cuter? I just love seeing the progression.


Happy Anniversary! She's such a beautiful girl. I love her facial expressions in all your photos.


Happy anniversary!

I remember that when you announced your referral, I was thinking how awesome it was that we were Waiting Hearts together & that there was another red thread drawing us together since Erin & Tahlia are both from Yangchun.

I also remember you talking about your feelings & the uncertainty you felt. 3 years later, there is no doubt but that you belong to each other.


Happy 3 years together! What a beautiful growing girl!


Happy Anniversary Sandra!
It's also the anniversary of the day I was introduced to you on-line...what a special day:)


Happy 3 years!! She is just beautiful and thriving.

Keep smilin!


I love your blog and your girls are beautiful! We have been home for 2 months with our daughter and I'm still not feeling the 'head over heals' in love feeling. I love her and I want to protect her but it's not the same as it was with our first daughter.
Thank you for being so open about your experience.


Happy referral day! She has the most kissable cheeks ever!!


Happy Referral Anniversary! She is growing up so beautifully! Briana's one year referral anniversary is coming up on June 6 and I can't believe it. Time flies. I am going to have Briana hold her referral picture for a photo as well. I think it is a wonderful tradition!


Happy referral anniversary!! She is such a little cutie! Love her haircut!



This was such a sweet post. Your daughters are beautiful.




I know exactly how you feel, as we both went through similar experiences with our 1st and 2nd, but your love for her shines through the photos as she looks at you - that's a kid that knows how much she's loved.

Lea Harper

I love how she has changed a little each year.

Have a great weekend.



Happy Referral Day! We share the same day although I didn't get the pics until May 25!!


Your honesty gives me chills. I hope your daughter will one day appreciate it as much as I do.

Tahlia is adorable now and was adorable're beyond blessed.

Happy referral day to your beautiful family.


Happy anniversary!! I love this tradition, and Miss Tahlia is simply adorable!!!

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