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Saturday, July 19, 2008



Great idea....I have been wondering what to do as well....Sophia's is in her closet in a special box along with the other momento's I thought went with that day. I just may have to do this....thanks so much for sharing!


Your shadow boxes are BEAUTIFUL! What a great idea! Will probably tuck this one away for later.

It's so neat that your little cuties can enjoy these clothes as they decorate their playroom. What precious, precious memories for you!


Oh wow, I too have the little outfits in ziplocs bags hidden away in the recesses of the attic or dark closet somewhere. What a great idea to display the outfits for the girls to see.


what a great idea. you always think of the greatest projects


Thank you for sharing this WONDERFUL idea...I have Lily's outfit just sitting in a drawer. I am definitely going to run out to Michael's...thank you!


That is such an awesome idea. I think I may just have to copy that.


You are sooooooooooooooooo good! Wonderful Idea.


This is such a great idea....I love it!
I have only been following your blog a short time, but I can see that you are very talented. I thoroughly enjoy all of your posts and all of your creativity with the girls and your home!

Have a great week!


What a fantastic idea!!! That is such a great way to preserve such a special keepsake.

Two Kayaks

SUCH a great idea!! Man, you are such an inspiration to me. The girls will appreciate this so much and I can envision a time in the future when they will each have them hanging in their own homes.


The shadow boxes are beautiful. You did a great joy displaying the outfits. I have saved my little girl's outfit, as well and have wondered what to do with it. I may have to go shadow box shopping. Thanks for sharing with us.


I lo-ove this idea! We are totally doing this.

Keep smilin!


Those look great! How did you attach them to the backing? Our dd's blessing dress is sewn to the backing in case she wants her daughter to wear it someday. It would be easier to just take a glue gun to it...


I LOVE his idea!!!


I love that idea, also! I think I may have to sneak off to Michael's today to get some shadow boxes.

Don't know why this idea hadn't occurred to me before (probably because I don't have a creative bone in my body... LOL) Thanks for the inspiration!


Brilliant idea! Wonderful ways to bring back sweet memories and certainly will be a topic of conversation with whoever sees them.


Another fabulous Sandra idea that I'm marking down in my notes for later. Cuz I'll be doing this too. :P


Looks great Sandra......

Lindsi's is a super puffy, large snowsuit too, so not sure it would work with hers. I looked to see how you have Jazzie's layered in the box....that might work for us. Jami came in a Carters one piece sleeper.....she still wears it (!!) occassionally to bed.



I love this idea. You are so creative.


I always am thinking of different things to do with the clothes our daughter comes home in and now I know what I'll do. Beautiful Sandra!

PS - That little Carters outfit is hanging in our daughters closet, waiting for her to wear it. When she does I will think of Tahlia.

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