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Monday, July 07, 2008



I'm in love with your laundry room!!!

And don't even talk to me about the Bachelorette...I'm still pissed she didn't pick Jason...fool.


I sooooo wanted her to pick Jason!!

But when I saw that Jesse got to go to a private island with her and poor Jason got to swim with the sharks, that's when I knew she was going to choose Jesse and not Jason : (


Can you imagine how hard it will be for Jason to now go out in public & not be accosted by eligible woman.....what a keeper. I was rooting for Jason, but now think she probably picked the right guy for her. She wasn't ready for Jason - stability......

All I have to say is...what laundry room?? Our's is in a closet (but at least we have a W&D).

mom to Lindsi & Jami


I'm bummed she didn't choose Jason, too : (

Paige and I (I know, she is probably too young to watch the Bachelorette, but hey), were really rooting for Jason.

We'll see what happens.

Your pictures of your Fourth celebration look like fun! Such pretty girls.


Will you come organize my house? Pretty please?!? I'll provide coffee for a year!


My laundry room always looks like that.. (with laundry to do that is)

I was disappointed with the Bachelorette choice.. BUMMER!


This is the second post I have read today about laundry....I think we are all behind with the holiday weekend....looks like you are back on track!

I am watching The Bachelorette as I type this comment....I am all for Jason...we will find out soon!


The last time my laundry room looked so good was the week we moved in! Now there always seems to be stuff there - waiting laundry, finished laundry, etc. I can't seem to ever catch up so I'm quite jealous of your successful Monday!


I'm in love with Jesse.... hope she picks him!


What a great day's work!

I'm with you! GO JASON!!!


Too funny! Clearing and cleaning out my laundry room is on my list of summer chores, welp I accomplished it yesterday!


My laundry room floor looked just liked yours this morning. I also change my beds on Monday ... so it wasn't pretty. I'm still working through the piles ... hopefully my laundry room will look like your end picture before I go to bed.

I'm voting for Jason, too! :-)


Wow. Even your laundry room looks neat. Even with laundry. YOu're amazing. :-)


I'm having laundry Monday, too! The weekends are just way too busy and fun to do boring things like that, huh? ;)


Don't you love it when you get so much accomplished!

I too can't wait for The Bachelorette tonight. I'm with you...I hope she picks Jason.


I am so excited about the Bachelorette! I know it's a horrible show and makes women (and men) look terrible, but it is so much fun to watch. I also hope she picks Jason, although I like Jesse too. I just think he's too young for her. She's young too, but she seems more "advanced" in where she is in life right now.

I'm mostly a lurker and feel slightly embarrassed that I am choosing The Bachelorette as something to chime in on! Where are my priorities?!

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