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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Linda Parker

Oh my gosh! I wish I could've gone. It looks like such fun! Lucky girls!!!


Looks like a blast!! Love the pics!!


So much cuteness in one post should be illegal - I mean LOOK at these girls! They're all gorgeous... and how great you keep in touch with your travel mates!

PS - just got around to FINALLY adding you to my Bloglines - now I won't miss a single post :)


Looks like you had fun!!


Looks like you all had a great time visiting Jazzie's China sisters and their families. The girls are all so sweet. Love their outfits:) Happy 4th!


Looks like a wonderful weekend!


What a perfect day! I love that photo of all the girls together.

Oh, and for the record, I make the very same face when I see a llama in my yard ;0)


Sounds really nice. Glad you had such a good day!


Sounds like a a great holiday! How special that you can keep in touch with friends from your travel group! Have a good week!

Lea Harper

Tahlia's dress is so cute!

Can you get me invitation to your friend's house? it looks fabulous!



That does look like the perfect way to spend a day. And what a great connection for all the girls.


It sure sounds like you guys celebrated with a perfect day. I love the pics!


What an amazing day. Love all the stunning photos!


Looks like a perfect day! I love Tahlia's dress - it's so cute!


Looks like you had a wonderful 4th!

It is so great that you remain connected to some of the families that you traveled with.....the girls are so adorable!



HOW FUN! It's so wonderful that you are still able to get together with Jazzie's friends.
I LOVE Tahlia's dress. Where did you find it?

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