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Sunday, September 21, 2008



Beautiful. I hope you had someone snap some photos of your family as well. You deserve to be in the picture.

I have tears in my eyes...why do weddings do that.


Poppy and Peony

Oh what beautiful pictures. Simply stunning! What a great choice re bird seed & music! Cera has great taste!


Awesome pictures. It looked like a great day and the girls (and bride) were beautiful. I hope Jazzie's surgery went well. I was thinking & praying for her today.


Such amazing memories! Everyone looked amazing and so happy!

Been thinking about Jazzie and you guys!


What a gorgeous setting for a wedding! Everything looked perfect.

I hope things went well with Jazzie's surgery today and that her progress with the new CI is swift.


Beautiful pictures from the wedding!

Been thinking about you guys today! I hope Jazzie's surgery went well! :-)


Awww Mazel Tov to everyone!

I just got married in April and my father and I also danced to "In my Life." That was one of the two times I flat out started bawling becuase it's always been a special family song.


Such a lovely day!! Congrats to the newlyweds!!! Beautiful pics.

Best of luck today!

Keep smilin!


beautiful wedding, beautiful girls, handsome groom... perfect. my best wishes for a lifetime of blessings and joy.

prayers for you all and jazzie - thinking of you!


I LOVE the girls fancy hair...I bet they felt like little princesses. What a wonderful day! Thinking quick & healing thoughts for Jazzie today.

Best of uck,
mom to Lindsi & Jami


Beautiful wedding pictures!
All three of your girls looked GORGEOUS!

Think of Jazzie today and hoping all is well. Brave, brave little girl.



Congratulations to Cera and Dudas, they look so perfect together and so happy! Jazzie and Tahlia could not look any cuter, I love their hair in curls!

Leslie P.

Congratulations! The pictures are precious!

Prayers for Jazzie today!


What beautiful pictures. It looks like it was a perfect wedding. I love Fall weddings!!


What a beautiful wedding. Your girls (all 3 of them) look absolutely gorgeous!! I'll be thinking of Jazzie today. Hope it goes well and she won't be feeling too badly.


Such happy faces. Jazzie and Tahlia look gorgeous.

It is 7:00am now, and I am praying I pulled my picture of Jazzie and I finishing the Piggy over onto my desk...I will be thinking of her and you and Matt. Please give a quick post and let us know how she is doing.


I cam crying so hard I can't see my monitor. Cera was just beautiful!! She totally glowed in the love that surrounded her.

Matt is an amazing guy. How could he think he wouldn't cry!? Totally handsome all decked out on his girl's big day!

Jazzie & Tahlia were simply beautiful. Those dresses are so pretty!! And very much like Cera's gown. Was it planned that way?

Where is the pic of you!?

As always, Jazzie will be in my heart & certainly on my mind all day long today. I know that the time while you wait will be hard & that this was a big decision for you guys.


Oh those are just AWESOME photos. Gorgeous, and everyone looks beautiful (even hubs, heehee).

Sending a bushel of good vibes for tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you guys.


Everyone look beautiful!!! Congrats to the happy couple..



Lovely pictures. Everyone looked great. Sending prayers and best wished for Jazzie and your entire family.

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