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Monday, November 24, 2008


Timothy Mclaney

She's so adorable. Most children look and feel gloomy whenever their teeth are taken away by their dentists. However, with Jazzie's case, she seemed to be happy about it. That's the spirit! =)


It's so funny how much losing those two front teeth changes her face. She looks adorable - missing teeth and all - and I'm sure her friends will be in the same boat soon enough!

Sue B

Awww...poor Jazzie! Glad it all went well and that she was even giving you some big smiles! And somehow, I think your Christmas card pictures will turn out amazing!!!


Aah Jazzie, You are such a brave, strong girl!
And you look so cute, without front teeth :)



What a girl!!! Have to LOVE that smile!! I hope the tooth fairy was able to carry that much cash!!! :o)


Awww...I actually love the 'toothless' look on kids that age.

PS: Hope Coconut behaves well ;0)


What a little trooper your Jazzie is and still so adorable!


What a trooper she always is!! I think she looks precious. And cha-ching from the tooth fairy, 6 teeth has got to be worth a LOT!


Aww ... poor Jazzie. Glad to see she's on the mend!


Your girl sure is one strong one......There are great things to come for a child so determined, brave, and resiliant. And you and Matt are doing such a wonderful job supporting her and giving her wings at the same time.

At this time of the year, I know you are thankful for the are we.

Best, Nina


Oh Jazzie, you are a brave little girl. And so cute, love that smile.


ooh, poor Jasmine. She's still cute as ever. And tell her how lucky she is b/c she has fewer teeth to brush (not to mention the tooth fairy thing). Please email me if you have any dental concerns. I'm a ped dental hygienist, so hopefully I can help.



I love her toothless smile! She's adorable!

Debby Baugher

UGGG...That sounds so painful. I'm very encouraged by the toothless smiles though. Wow! She's going to break the bank with that deal today.

Lindsi's toothfairy gave her a Hobby Lobby gift card for her first tooth....I hope Jazzie gets something extra for her multi teeth offering. (Only the first tooth got special trewatment. To Lindsi's dismay, the rest of the teeth do not fetch such a prize).



I swear, your girl is such a trooper. I love toothless grins. They're the best!

Two Kayaks

She is an incredible girl. Brave and totally amazing. Just like her mom.


You have one brave little girl!! Even after all that she is all smiles and happy...such a cutie!!

Glad she did so well!!


Oh my goodness! She looks adorable.
Way to go Jazzie.


How did you know that song was going through my mind? How long till Jazzie's teeth start coming in? I hope she isn't in too much pain.

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