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Tuesday, December 02, 2008



This is such a wonderful idea!!!!


Love it! We have a China tree in the works, but have never gotten to put it up yet, it's all back in the states. It's little minority dolls that I got when I came to meet Abbey. I think this is very special for your home and your girls.


what a cool idea. I absolutely LOVE Jazzie's "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" grin!! :0) Made me chuckle

Sue B

Such a wonderful tradition!! Truly a great idea. Looks like they really enjoyed decorating it - and I'm sure they love hearing you tell stories about the special ornaments!


I love this tradition. After I saw your tree in 2005 I wished I would have bought ornaments too. We did find some wonderful ones at Hobby Lobby, but they aren't the same as if we'd purchased them in China.


Beautiful! What a wonderful tradition to share with your girls. I'm sure it will mean more and more to them as the years go by.


The tradition of having a China tree is beautiful. I love the girls' matching jammies too.

Keri Martin

We have a China tree too. Claire loves it and she is so proud to show everyone who comes to our house. I love it too. It brings back so many wonderful memories of our trip.



what a great tradition!

Pug Mama

what a beautiful tradition!


What a wonderful idea!! Love that!
I love the girl's jammies!! So cute!!


They look adorable and so happy. Jazzie's smile kills me...


I love that idea and I'm fessing up right now that I am going to STEAL it for my kiddo.

Oh, and yes, indeed. It IS the daycare right up the road from my office. Kitty-korner to 'the chicken joint'. Honestly, I didn't expect much but was VERY impressed and it feels really good.


What an awesome tradition. The girls look adorable in their PJ's!


What a wonderful tradition. And I love their jammies-so sweet!


What a beautiful tradition! Love their matching pj's....too cute!


Merry Christmas to all!!!

The Chinese means "peaceful".

Betty :)

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