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Tuesday, December 09, 2008



I love this idea. I am going to take some pictures of the ornaments on my tree.

Thanks for the idea. GREAT blog!



Currently there is nothing on my tree....the tree is still in the box. =(
I love your American ornament. I can think of nothing better to be proud of!


LOVE this post. What a warm treat to remember such time as the ornaments are hung on the tree.

Though I have 'pretty' ornaments abound, many do not necessarily have special meaning. I plan to do the same with collecting ornaments chosen or made by my kiddo through the years.


I love the idea of getting an ornament each year so the girls have a full set to take with them when they are grown.

kristy Rodriguez

Every single one is a beautiful memory and thank you for sharing. I also have sooo many ornaments that mean something so special to me and I love unpacking them , as a matter of fact I just got finished do that exact thing about 20 minutes ago.
Love, Kristy


I love all your ornaments.

My tree is so much like yours. I have so many ornamants that tell a story. It is a like a walk down memory lane every Christma.


What a beautiful post! So many pretty ornaments and I loved hearing what makes each of them special.


I love a tree that is filled with ornaments that all have special stories!! My Mom did the same thing for my sister and I. When we moved out she gave us all of our ornaments so we had them for our new tree! I still have the box.


Haha, I don't know what's up with my grammer. I meant to say I like the Hawaii one and I like that each ornament has a story... :)


Very cute ornaments!! I like the Hawaii and like the each ornament has a story with it.


I love your tree. I was so excited this year to have a handmade ornament of Amelia's to put on it! I am also trying to do an ornament with a photo of each year in it. I have two, I must have missed a year...oops.

Two Kayaks

FUN! I did this last week and enjoyed the memories. :)


I enjoyed hearing the story behind each ornament. It truly is a special time of year.


I love your ornaments Sandra! Each year I look forward to your Christmas ornament post to see which ones you'll write about.


My girls each have their own box & I buy them a special ornament every year. I also mark on the bottom who it belongs to & the year date, so when they come off the tree, there are no arguemnts about what belongs to whom.

I was raised in Germany, & my favorite ornaments are my German wooden ones. I also have a handmade ornament given to me when I was about 7.

We have a separate table tree & I put picture ornaments on that tree. My goal is every year to select a favorite pic of the girls separately & us all together to frame & put on that tree. I'm already running behind on that one though.....



i love it... i do the same thing, buying ornaments every time we travel, and i also get one every Christmas to conmemorate the holiday... we're in the midst of remodeling our home, so we have no tree. i'm so upset over it, but seeing yours made me smile :)


I love that idea! It really makes the holiday and decorating more meaningful and it's a family tradition you can pass on to your girls.

My boyfriend and I are trying to start some together that we plan to continue once we have children of our own.


We've each gotten a new ornament from our parents nearly every year! I think this is such a great tradition, because now we have our own set of familiar ornaments for when we have our own families!

My favourite? In 2005, we took a family trip to Jamestown, NY - Lucille Ball's hometown! We each got to pick a "Lucy" ornament to add to our collection! Mine's from the "Ballet" episode.

I'm sure your girls will SO appreciate their collections when they are older. And isn't it so much more fun to look at a tree that has personal, memory ornaments instead of just the standard balls? :)

Merry Christmas!


We have the same tradition! It's so much fun every year to pull out all of our ornaments that we've collected and remember each trip or significant event. Thanks for sharing!


I love the idea of keeping a box of ornaments for each of the girls to take with them. For the first time this year, we have an additional tree to hold all the ornaments the girls have made over the years, and I think that one is their favorite. :-)

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