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Friday, January 23, 2009



Wow! Tahlia really has the hang of baking. Mix the ingredients together & lick the spatula. Works for me!


She is so cute! She'll be able to make that on her own before you know it!

Kristy Rodriguez

I just love that little voice!! She is just tooooo darn cute! I love those cheeks!

Love, Kristy


She is so cute....I loved hearing her sweet little voice!! You have a great little baker there.....maybe she could teach Sarah how to crack an egg....I am still digging the shells out:)


WOW! You do have a little baker on your hands. Amelia is very jealous as I've just started letter her help me crack the eggs and she isn't nearly that good at it.
She wanted to watch AGAIN and AGAIN so she could learn. Tahlia was "teaching" her.

I'm jealous of your mixer!


Cutest little baker around!

Keep smilin!


That is so sweet. She's smart as a whip... and witty. Thanks for sharing that.


Very sweet... She cracks eggs better then me. One of these day I must try some pumkin bread...


Agnes, Arjen,Tom en Yuan Yuan

Wat een leuk filmpje zeg, heel schattig! Dat aflikken, dat herinner ik me nog wel van vroeger ... héérlijk!
Ook nog gecondoleerd met het verlies van jullie tante. Vreselijk altijd om mee te maken. Veel sterkte!!!

Groetjes, Agnes


So cute!! I finally remembered to pick up the spices I needed to make this on the weekend!!
It was sooooo yummy Sandra ~ thanks so much for sharing the recipe with all of us!!

I can't wait until Ella is old enough to really bake with me (she's only 21 months old...we still bake but nothing too complicated!)

Angela :)

Julie W

I just loved hearing her little voice!


She's more delicious than the pumpkin bread.


I loved the "lick it" comment but the first one that cracked me up was the "here come your friends" when she put in the two other eggs. She is such a funny, sweet little girl, and obviously knows her kitchen utencils. I doubt either of my kids knows what a spatula is, although they both love to cook. What a gift it is to be able to stay home with Talley some days!


Haha! She is too funny (and cute, of course). What a great helper she is. Love the end, that's my favorite part of baking, too!

Two Kayaks

Too cute!!! I love that she and I have the same hair cut! I am thinking that I need to make me some pumpkin bread this weekend. :)

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