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Monday, January 26, 2009



awww those pictures are just too cute for words. Tahlia looks just lovely!

<3 amy


Miss T is rockin' the cuteness to a dangerous degree. Seriously, she could not be cuter.


I've read your blog for a while and had to smile when I read how you celebrate Chinese New Year. Our family has done many of the same things! When the kids were younger we made mooncakes and red envelopes for school. We even used chocolate coins! This year we made a party out of the preparations. It was a lot of fun!
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Killer kute!

Keep smilin!


Totally adorable! Tahlia's hair with the adorable 'thingys' is so sweet! what a wonderful day of celebration for your little girls and how neat that they can share some of their heritage with their friends!


Adorable! Love the pigtails!


The girls are so lucky that their schools allow you to do this for them! Tahlia looks beautiful in her Chinese dress. And her hair? I love those bow things!!


Oh my gosh, she is so cute with her hair up like that!! Hope she had a super fun New Year!


OMG those hair bows are a hoot! Amelia wanted hair like Kai Lan yesterday and she may have been happy with Tahlia's doo:)


Tahlia looks adorable in her silk dress and her hair is soooo cute! Hope she had fun handing out her luckey money envelopes ready and handing them out to her friends today. I will have to check out the recipe too. Thanks:)


Oh my gosh...Tahlia's hair is adorable!!Thanks for the recipe...I want to try to make some:)

Sue B

What an adorable outfit and hairstyle on your baby girl!!! The cookies look delicious, and the girls must have had fun putting the hong bao together!!! I hope Tahlia had a super time sharing these with her classmates!

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