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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sue B

Such a fun project! Glad she had so many events to choose from - and love the pics she chose for her project!!! Very cute!


Your Jazzie is simply one amazing girl! Great job.


Very nice. A+!


I think this project is the perfect example of the amazing gift you are giving your girls by putting so much effort into pictures and blogging. They will always have these memories whenever they need or want them and that is priceless.


She has had quite an amazing life so far! Her project looks amazing.

I am so sorry to read about Matt's aunt.


Awesome job Jazzie!!


Hey , fantastic timeline..and fantastic Jazzie!! although I'd definitely include second CI activation...

I loved all the pictures though!!! YAY for Jazzie!!


Simply to keep for her high school graduation party.....LOVE IT!!!


That is a great are right, that is a lot of major events for a 6 year old!! Good thing you take lots of pictures to document all these special events!!


It's amazing how much we've already experienced with our girls.


What a great project! Her timeline will only continue to get longer and be filled with many more events.

Keep smilin!


I can't wait till we have to do this for Erin. I wonder what she'll come up with for her own project.

I think Jazzie did a great job.


Must be 1st grade thing because Elise just had to do the same thing this weekend! You are a better Mom than me, I sent it off to school without even thinking of taking a picture.

Two Kayaks

So many kids have amazing life experiences. Jazzie's timeline will certainly get great marks!!


She's had a full life in her 6 years! Maybe that's why she's so wise beyond her years :o)

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