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Tuesday, January 13, 2009



i have to admit i don't really like that sone, but now i have definantly changed my mind. it video was so wonderful. it gives the song a whole meaning. thanks for posting this.


Wonderful video. Thanks for posting it again.


Okay, that just made me cry. Very beautiful, indeed.


Just beautiful!


I loved this video the first time you posted it. I still love it.


WOW! That really is beautiful!!

Tonggu Momma

This is the second video you've posted that has brought me to tears (the Pantene commercial was the other one). Stop it! Stop it right now! (When will you post the next one? Because I totally need to buy more tissues.)

Amy in NC

I love this video. Thanks for posting it.


I must have missed this when you posted it before. This was an amazingly (forgive the pun) beautiful video. Thank you so much for posating it again.

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