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Thursday, January 01, 2009



Good Luck on your new business... let me know if you need anything.
I'm just now.. after 3 years in business.. getting a real website- that's my first goal of 2009!
.. you'll do great!!!


I've admired your photos and your blog for a long time, best of luck to you with your new venture! Your girls are beautiful, by the way. I love reading your blog (when I find the time now and again), you have such a straight forward 'real' manner of sharing - thanks!


Sandra, good luck as you start your new business! My business goal for the new year is a new website.


Beautiful! If you want any beautiful bald models I may know someone ;0)


I have always been amazed at how gorgeous your pictures are. Good luck with your business. If I were closer I'd definitely hire you.
Happy New Year again to your family!


LOVE the new header!!

You are going to do so well with your photography! Your pictures are amazing!!!

Happy New Year my friend!!


Hmmm... Louisville is pretty close to you and I really need to get new picturs of my kiddos taken. Sounds like I need to make a trip to Cinci!!!
Congrats on the new business!!!


Happy New Year and best of luck in your new endeavor!!


love the look! very fresh and much prosperity to you with your new buisness in 2009. Since you are starting a new business, check out It is a group of professional retirees if I remember correctly that provide free training/mentoring for small business owners. You might find it useful in your new career and it is free. They help you with your business plans.
Best of Luck Sandra, you will do awesome.


Blessed New Year to you and your lovely family, Sandra!

I like the new look, so refreshing for a brand new year! Enjoy your new pursuit, surely you gonna be succesful, you have the best models already! :)


Love the new look! I'm so happy for you! Rock on with your bad photography self!


You take amazing photos. I predict you'll be a smashing success! I'd hire you if I lived near you.

Ivy and Dani Marks

Oh it's so exciting to see another Momma pursuing photography. I'm sure you'll do fine! I love your photos:))

Happy New Year to you and that beautiful family of yours.

Hugs from NJ



Oooooh, you'll be a great photographer! Best of luck and Happy New Year!


Ohhhhh I'm so excited. I see some professional portraits being taken of my baby girl some day. :)


Good Luck!!!


Happy New Year! Good luck with your photography. I think you've got what it takes to do well!


Love the new look and I'm so glad to see you going into the photography business! You have such an amazing talent! Wish you lived closer, I'd hire you! Best wishes!


Happy New Year!! All the best in your new photography endeavor!! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful pics.


I'd hire you, too! Good luck and I wish you all the best with it.

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