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Saturday, January 24, 2009



She is proud and confident.Because she has the family love her so much.


I'm so proud of Jazzie! More so of you, Sandra! And if there is ever some "down" moments for Jazzie, I believe that you would be there to re-assure her and be her strong pillar!

Jim Rittenhouse

That's - wow, that's just a terrific story (and excellent picture to use with it)! Thank you very much for sharing...

Sue B

Wonderful!!! Such a beautiful, confident, smart girl!!!


I loved this!!!

Jamie Lauren

Oh, that story gave me the chills. GO JAZZIE! and go YOU for raising Jazzie to be confident and assured in her story.


that is so wonderful! thank you for sharing


She always makes my heart smile. Such a sage young soul!


wow. that is so wonderful. i am glad Jazzie is so confidence. you did a great job, keep it up!

<3 amy


I'm laughing at the previous comment...pumpkin bread in the freezer?? huh? Mine didn't even make it there ~ lol!!

Polar Bear

This story made me teary. Jazzie is such an amazing girl. I just love the picture of her. She looks so grown-up.

I'm so sorry to read about Matt's aunt. My thoughts are with all of you.

Do you know I always have some of your pumpkin bread in the freezer. It's my favorite with tea!

I agree we need Starbucks, lunch, and shopping! ;-)


Way to go Jazzie!! Sandra , you must be so proud for her raising up!!

I can't wait for Tahlias turn in a couple of years..

ps is Jazzie going well with her implants? :)

give her a hug from me!

Briana's Mom

That is just wonderful!

robin White

Sandra, I have to tell you that I'm so happy when you blogged about your favorite books. We have purchased many of the same books for Maddy and just the other day we thought of you and your girls as we read the book about families being different and not always looking the same. it was the first time since having Maddy that she actually said, "I born China?". :0) she is only 3 but it's a beginning and I hope to do for Maddy what you have and are doing for your girls. Thanks for being an inspiration


That's an amazing story. You should be proud.

PS. I'm with Angela... any advice for the rest of us on how you get there? How to explain it, talk about it, etc? I need to absorb every bit of BTDT experience I can... before Mia comes home. LOL!


That is super....what an incredible little girl to stand up there with confidence and explain away!! You must be so proud of her!! Way to go Jazzie:)


Awesome job Jazzie!! I know that you made your mommy very proud with this project.

I can only hope that when Erin is ready to tell her story, she takes a cue from Jazzie.


way to go Jaz and mommy and daddy!


Great Job, Jazzie! Last year, the kids in Elise's class just thought I was her grandma (nice, huh?) and didn't really give a thought to her being adopted. When I went in to talk about CNY, it clicked with lots of them. Elise reacted much the same way as Jazzie, so proud of being Chinese AND being adopted. :)


That is awesome! She is an amazing little girl.

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