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Friday, February 06, 2009



She looks beautiful!! I am glad that she walked the hall with pride and confidence...says a lot about her!

Enjoy your weekend!


She HAS arrived. And she IS gorgeous. I love that Jazzie has the self-confidence to do that!


Well Mom, she IS GORGEOUS!

She looked stunning.. And.. YES.. she is BEAUTIFUL! (toothless grin and all!)

ps. looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow


She looks beautiful!! This is a GREAT tradition to start.


What a beautiful little girl and how cute that she was so excited to share her beautiful dress with others. :o)


Haha, that just totally made me laugh! She is so funny and I love her confidence. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Polar Bear

How adorable!!
Jazzie is one special girl!


She looks good! the red and the black look so good too. Tori is embracing her heritage too and since the New Year celebration has started writing "Victoria Rae GuiDan" on all her paperwork! It is a tribute to us that we are raising the girls to be comfortable with who they are!!

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