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Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Larkyn adores Dora as well.. We have had to tape some extra shows on our PVR so when she want to watch on we have one for her to watch... In the car she has a fit it we don't put Dora on.. Larkyn can speak more spanish then chinese!!! Love the dance!!!

Briana's Mom

I am laughing out loud! That is so cute!




Dora rocks. Tahlia rocks more. :-)


That little jump at the end was the best.....very cute!


Amelia would say - Shake your bootie!
Thanks for the giggle:)

Karen Oglesby

What a great video.. love the shake and of course the ending...
too adorable!


I love how her feet never moved.

You Go Tahlia! That Dora has nothing on you that is for sure.

How cute!

Two Kayaks

Sigh...simply the cutest. I love the big flare jump at the end.


It doesn't get any better than some of those mom moments! Tallie is just too cute!


That is too cute!


So cute!!!! Shake it girl :o)

Tonggu Momma

Too adorable! I love how the bottom is wiggling AND out.


Oh my gosh, she is tooo cute! Don't you just love finding them doing something so uninhibited! :)

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