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Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Nope...can't do it! (But I'm sure I looked funny trying!)

Jazzie is so cute & so funny! Loved how she could do it while talking.


I can!!! I never understood that some people couldn't do it.


I like the name of the trick better than the trick - she is a very creative little girl!


I'm pretty amazed by this trick. It seems that David can do it also.


Gawd, I just LOVE her.

The Wing and I have both been doing that flare a lot over the past number of nights ;0)

PS: I would love any prize-winning suggestions you have for keeping your sanity. I know we will get through this and I shouldn't expect anything different at only 1 week home. Then again, just trying to imagine months on end of this and, I tell ya, my heart bleeds for what you went through.

Polar Bear

I used to do that all of the time!!! It became a habit I had to break. I was doing it without even realizing what I was doing! :)

I know I can't do it. but my dad could. He could also wiggle his ears. I wonder if Jazzie can do that too. It's a genetic thing like rolling ones tongue.


I don't think I can!

Jazzie is multitalented, though. Talking and flaring her nostrils at the same time - wow!


That's funny. Cute how she got peeved at you calling her by her sister's name. LOL!

BTW... just tried. I can't do it.


That is hard to do...I tried and could not. And she can talk at the same time...veddy cool!

Keep smilin!


I can do that :-D Haven't tried it while talking though - Jazzie cracks me up!


So funny-especially when she said she could do it while talking! I so don't know how anyone could do that.

Two Kayaks

I can totally do that!! So much fun! How is Tahlia doing?

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