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Friday, March 06, 2009



I am so glad that you all had such a wonderful time! What a treasure for the girls.


I never tire of disney...My mom and I just did a 5k at Disney yesterday. The 5k was held inside Epcot and today is the 1/2 marathon thru the Magic Kingdom. This w/e is the first weekend that Disney has done a Marathon for Women only and it was called the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon. Tahlia would have loved it. Princess's everywhere. Mom and I had our pix taken with Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Belle and Beast sent us off at the beginning of the race and Cinderella and Prince Charming were there at the end. Women of all ages were wearing Tiara's. Lot of fun. They also had a race for the kids and a Princess Breakfast. I live here in Orlando and I never get tired of Disney. As you can tell!


Tired of your Disney posts? Nope. I love seeing the girls smiling & enjoying themselves. I keep thinking that one day Erin will want to go.


I've been LOVING these posts!!!


I'm so jealous! I really want to take Amelia, but it is so stinkin expensive. It costs as much for a hotel for 2 as it does for 4:(
We'll have to see what the rest of the year brings - so glad you all enjoyed such a wonderfully magical time together.

Ok.. I have to ask (and maybe you already said it and somehow I missed it) Did you have a special Disney package that included all these great meals with so many of the Disney characters? (esp all the princesses?) If we go this fall for Maddy's birthday I definitely want to make sure we get to see all these characters too.


I too have been waiting to see your hubby's shirt! This can't be the final Disney post!


Great pictures! I have to ask how you got the pictures of the fireworks. I tried when we were there in December and mine came out terrible. I was so disappointed. I have the Nikon D80. Did you use a tripod? What setting? Thanks for the info. Glad you guys had a fun time. My sister and I love Disney and have gone so many times. It never gets old.


Wait...this can't be the last Disney post. I've been anxiously awaiting a pic of Matts shirt that you talked you still have to post one more pic!



I love the pictures. Jazzie's hair is getting so long.


Glad you had such a great time!!! When are you going back? :o) I always leave trying to figure out when I can go back!


Your pictures have been great. I think you are right, the girls were the perfect age to enjoy Disney...old enough not to be frightened of the characters, but young enough to see the magic of it all.

We used to go to Chef Mickey's when my niece & nephew were younger, but I haven't taken the girls yet. We plan to go camp in Ft Wilderness over Lindsi's birthday & do that breakfast. It IS a lot of fun.

We have some great park tickets this year, so we'll do a park too. They really enjoy the Magic Kingdom, but maybe we will spend the day somewhere different this time.


I loved all the pics and I'm so happy the girls had such a magical time. They look so adorable as princesses.
My daughter is only 22 months and we've already been to Disney twice so obviously I'm a big fan. I'm very fortunate to have family in the area to stay with.
I know it's a couple of posts back but I really hope the post office finds your package!


Hannah looked at all these pics with me....she knew everyone and was sooo excited. (thinks we can leave for Disney after her nap. LOL!) *I wish*

It looks like you had a fantastic time. I need to look at the pics again...I am so having FLA withdrawls!

Kristy Rodriguez

I could never get sick of Disney posts! Isn't the castle at night just incredible. I want to live there!!! lol

I dont watch American Idol but we tuned in last night and Tatiana just drove me crazy!! And then today it is all over TV and other blogs how she irritates people. She has some serious issues!! Dont you think!
Love, Kristy


I am SO not tired of seeing those marvelous pictures!

Gah...these ones are gorgeous!

Keep smilin!


i loved every one of these pictures (your camera rocks, by the way!!!!)

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