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Monday, March 02, 2009


Princess Dress Mom

These princess dresses are adorable!


I have been waiting for these pictures! The girls look totally thrilled with having met The Princesses.

now those are some awesome princess photos. Just look at Jazzie's face with Ariel! Pricelesss


Our heroine!Mulan!木兰!


Don't you love seeing Disney through a child's eyes? I was just there two weeks ago with my two-year-old niece and when we walked into the princess room her eyes became saucers and she said, "Oh, they're so bootiful!"
The girls look like they had an amazing time.

Kristy Rodriguez

I love the pictures and I LOVE the Princesses!!!! We have all the same pictures but I have to admit not just the girls are in them so are my sister and I !!! lol

I am so glad that yall had a great time.

Love and blessings, Kristy


Cute! You can tell from the pics that the girls can hardly contain themselves:)


What great pictures!! Their faces are worth a thousand can tell they were just thrilled. Such a special trip for them....I am sure it is one they will NEVER forget!


So cute! You can see the excitement in their eyes as they're meeting the Princesses that they've read about and seen in movies for years!! Fun!!!


So cute! Love the smile on Jazzie's face with Ariel.
Was Tahlia nervous at all?


Those big and beautiful smiles say it all!

Keep smilin!

Two Kayaks

How adorable!!! Their faces say it all, Sandra. Happiness personified!


Those are wonderful princess pictures. Sera would be so jealous. You can tell the girls are very excited.


I have a son, and though we loved every second of our Disney adventure, I was really wishing for a girl (in addition to our boy-wonder, of course) to really enjoy the princess experience. We kept seeing all these beautiful little girls in their princess-finest, SO excited about meeting their heroes... too cute.

On the other hand, we spent almost zero time in line to greet characters... Apparently, the princesses are the hot ticket in town :)


Oh, how precious! Can't wait to show these pictures to Elise...but wait, she'll want to go there!

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