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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Bibi Bailey

My son is type 1 diabetic and we used the Guest Assistance Card in Disneyland last year. It was absolutely life saver. There is no way my son would have enjoy all of the Disneyland without the pass.There were some dirty looks and whispers coming from the line ups, but the way I see it none of those people would change the place in line for our life.My son was happy, he enjoyed Disneyland and that's all what mattered at the end of the day.

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Love these...when we were there (Nov. 2007) Tink and friends weren't out and about...I am glad to see they are now. Annslee LOVES Silvermist (she is Chinese and loves water too) ha ha.... when she saw these pics her first ques. was why are they so big? I told her Queen Clarion made them bigger so people could see them better at Disney... LOL

Glad you had a wonderful time!


Disney is currently in a BIG Tinker Bell & Friends marketing looks like Tahlia hit that stage at just the right moment. There are a lot of Tinkerbell items on the market right now (thinking about July birthdays...hehe).
As you know, we use the card too. I always think, there is so little benefit to being deaf & our girls work SO HARD to get to "normal"'s a nice accomodation & I'm glad Disney offers it. Wow! I didn't know we could use it in the character line though......


I'm so glad to hear you were able to use that card! Disney goes out of it's way to treat people well and it's neat the way they handle things. You're so right that Jazzie has been through a lot and deserves some special treats sometimes. Too bad those cards don't work in the lines to see the characters. ;o)

Haven't met the Tinkerbelle gang yet but they sure are pretty! I'm guessing they'll be on our list next time through.


Erin absolutely loves Tinkerbell. She couldn't care less for the princesses. I haven't figured it out since she won't watch the movies, but at least it's something Disney.

I'm happy to hear that Disney is so accomodating to people with special needs. There is no reason to feel bad about accepting these services. If Jazzie had had to wait in the long lines with all the noise, she probably would have gotten very upset about all the overload.


I think it's super that Disney offers such a service. A good friend of mine with three kids, the oldest one with PDD, also used the service. What a difference it made.

That's what the service is there for. Don't ever feel the need to justify it! It looks as though you all had a fantastic trip. What fun!


Hey, don't feel bad. That's what that service is there for and Jazzie was able to reap the benefits!


That is an awesome service and with that type of sensory overload - you certainly had every right to take advantage of it! LOVE the photos - oh the smiles!


I'm so glad they let your family have this benefit! I figure it's nobody else's business, anyway! :)

It looks like you guys had a great vacation!

Polar Bear

I have really enjoyed all of the pictures! The girls look so happy!

You're right, Jazzie has been through so much. People behind you in line wouldn't give it a second thought if they were the one being allowed to cut infront. It's all for Miss J!

Miss you!

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