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Tuesday, March 31, 2009



I have loved seeing Jazzie holding her picture for several years now. Happy Happy Referral Day!


It's amazing how much she has changed over the years. Happy Referral Day!


After David and I decide to adopt from China I googled Chinese adoption an your web page came up. I still remember the over powering emotions I felt watching your video... See your pictures I just can't beleive it was that long ago, it truly feel like just yesterday... Thanks Sandra so much for sharing... because of your I joined this wonderful Blogging world..


Wow, six years, that is just incredible. Happy anniversary. What a magical day.


Happy anniversary - it's such a special one!!! (and for the record, when I got down to the pic in 2005, the tears just started flowing...) How wonderful it is to see her holding this same picture through the years... thank you for sharing!


I just love looking at these pictures. "thru the years". What a wonderful day...she gets prettier by the year.


Happy Referral Anniversary! I love the little walk down photo memory lane.

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom

Happy Referral Day! It is a magical day that completely changes your life for the better!


WOW can you believe it's been 6 years? Time goes WAY TOO FAST!


Beautiful Sandra...these memories are so special! ;)


I've been emotional all day long & couldn't figure out why. Until I got to your blog. What wonderful memories! I will never hear "With Arms Wide Open" again without thinking of you guys. Happy Referral Day my friend! Hugs!


Happy referral day to all of your family Sandra!!!

All the pics are awesome , but this year's cracks me up as Jazzie has her one hand on her heart , like swearing on the USA anthem.too funny.

she seems sooo grown up!! will you give her a hug from me?

Jamie Lynn

What an amazingly beautiful child. She just makes you smile and feel happy inside when you look at her picture. Peace and much happiness to your entire family.

Two Kayaks

Happy, happy day!!!! Oh, how she has grown!

Happy happy referral anniversary. I know what a special it was and will always be!!!


So beautiful! I just got the chills! Congrats to you and your family & happy anniversary! :o)


Happy Referral Day to all of you!!


Congrats...can you believe it has been 6 years already??? Feels like it's flying. I know you are so proud of the little girl Jazzie has become......

We have some of the best....=)


Happy Referral Day!
Love all the pics of how much she's grown in the last 6 yrs.

Pug Mama

what a stunning child you have there!
Let the stork fly!!!!!!!!!! I am waiting!!!!!!!!!

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