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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


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Thank you for sharing your trip with us. The girls are just adorable!


I love the way Tahlia sleeps!

Susan S.

Isn't just amazing how the girls look at everything like it is real. We went in September last year and Mia thought every princess, character, and place was real. It made the trip so worth it to see her face.



More proof that Disney really is the happiest place on earth!! Cute pictures!


OMG those looks as they are dazed by the princesses had to have been worth the entire trip!


Princess Ariel in human form?? Wow!! As often as I've been at Disney I've never seen her in human form. Cool!!

Glad you had such a great day at Epcot. Isn't that Soarin' ride amazing?!!


Your vacation sounds as if it was fabulous! Seeing the expressions on Jazzie & Tahlia's faces makes the wait for pics worth it. The girls look like they're totally happy.


It looks like an amazing vacation! It is sensory overload!! Not a relaxing vacation but so much fun for the girls! Love all the princess dresses and photos! Love how Tahlia sleeps, Taylor used to sleep like that when she was little. Glad you enjoyed the wilderness lodge.. I've never stayed there but it has always looked great to me!

Kristy Rodriguez

That last picture is just priceless!! I love it!!

Love, Kristy


Looks like you had a truly wonderful vacation! I'm sure the girls will remember it for years to come.
Camdyn still talks about our trip to Disneyland last year!


How fun!! Looks like a magical time!


Love it!!!

We are going to Magic Kingdom in a few weeks but not Epcot. Can't wait to see if my girls enjoy it as much as yours!


I just love that last picture! Looks like you guys had such a great time!


All your pics are so good...I just love Tahlia's little pull-uped bottom sticking up like that! Too precious.


How cute are they all zonked out at the end of the day. Your photos are bringing back so many memories!


It looks like an amazing vacation. When we went last year we LOVED it, too!


I love that Tahlia still sleeps like that. Too sweet!

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