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Monday, March 16, 2009



Poor Tahlia. I hope she feels better.


Hope she is on the mend and hope momma gets some rest too!


Poor little sweetie. Hope she's feeling better soon.


Oh poor little sweetie!!! I clicked on your blog and the picture with the bucket just jumped out at me and my heart sank. Sending best feel better wishes.


I hope that Tahlia is feeling better soon. Sweet girl looks so exhausted.


We have the same thing here. 2 out of my five girls have the same symptoms, the fever has been the worse they have ever had. Hope Tahlia feels better soon. Kathy


Poor little sweetheart. What a good mommy you are. She looks like she's just all set up there on the couch. Hope she feels better soon.


Poor little Tahlia ... hope she feel better soon.


Poor thing... Hope she is back to 100% soon.

Two Kayaks

Poor little honey. Hope she heals up quickly.


Oh, the poor baby girl! Feel better soon Tahlia!!


Awww...I finally make it back to do some checking in and this is the first news I come to. Poor Miss T! After the RSV blues around here I feel for you all. I hope your nasty bug hits the road soon and that Matt manages to stay well.

Wishing Miss T a speedy recovery.

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