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Wednesday, April 01, 2009



Oh...none of that looks any fun for you Mom.....
I sure hope the girls arev feeling better soon. Tahlia sounds so sick......


Poor girl...that is so scary!!

hope she is on the mend soon:)


Amelia runs the nasty high temps too - must be something in the Yangchun water. She was at 104 for 3 days once - praying poor Tahlia feels better faster than that! I agree with the other mom's alternating the motrin and tylenol is the way to go.

Poor Tahlia - and Mom and Dad!

Pug Mama

oh no!!! Poor baby!!!!
I can imagine how scary that was to see blood.
hope and pray she feels better VERY FAST!

Polar Bear

Poor girl! I hope she is feeling better soon. Keeping my fingers crossed no one else gets the virus!!


Poor Tahlia. She looks so miserable. :-(
I hope she's feeling better soon. These episodes of sickness can really throw us into a tailspin.

Sandra, we are battling the same thing I think. Maddy is also home sick for the past two days. Same symptoms. She was also sick just two weeks ago.

Very scary about the vomiting blood. I would have freaked too!

Even my older gal is sick. Has been having severe abdominal pain and nausea/vomiting since Saturday. Is taking pain meds and anti nausea meds just to make it through each day. Nobody has any answers.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way for Tahlia getting better and everyone else in the family staying healthy too!


Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon :o)


Poor baby. We have 4 kiddos and so are on week 4 of this in my house. A couple of the kids are on round 3 of the stomach bug part. I've never seen anything like it! I keep disinfecting the house, tossed out toothbrushes,etc. Hopefully it will end soon. Best wishes to Tahlia for a speedy recovery!


Poor baby and poor Mommy. Putting her in a bath, regular temp. but not too hot, for at least 10 minutes will bring her temp down quickly. One night I gave my daughter 4 baths just to keep her cool.
Thinking of you,


Oh Sandra,
I am so sorry for you and Tahlia!
That she vomited blood would have freaked me out as well.
From your description I immediately thought of Croup which my daughter had a short while ago. Here is some info on it:
I hope she feels better fast!!
Warmly, Kyra


My girls both ran scary high fevers 104 for almost 2 weeks off and on when the motrin and tylenol (we had to alternate)would wear off and like you it scared me to death. I had them at the peditrican three times over that period and every time we got the viral diagnosis and the orders to treat the fever when it was high alternating the motrin and tylenol. The motrin thinned Kenzie's blood so much over that period of time she had a bloody nose almost impossible to stop we we had to make a call in the middle of the night to our peditrician who told us to go to the er. Luckily it stopped before we got there but it scared us all. This viral bug seems to be holding on for about 10 to 14 days we were told. I hope she feels better soon. I had 4 of my 5 laying around for quite some time but all better now.


Oh, poor Tahlia! Even her stuffed critter looks under the weather. :(


my 7 year old daughter was sick so much that we had her white blood count checked and it was only 3000....normal is between 5 and 10 thousand...she was not able to go to school for two weeks... she was only able to leave the house when we went to childrens every three days for blood work... she had to be gowned, masked, and gloved... she is finally at 6000...which is low normal but we are keeping are fingers crossed... she has gone to school for 6 days sraight...wooohoo...but she did throw up monday night and has that terrible cough you ever tried motrin, then three hours later tylenol...then motrin then docs and cincinati childrens have always told me to do really works on those high fevers.... i always keep a chart to make sure i dont get confused on which i gave last... i hope she feels better soon!!!!!


Awwww... poor baby!!! We have the exact same thing going on at our house too :(


I'm sorry you had such a scary night. I hope she feels better really soon.

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