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Monday, April 13, 2009


Jim Rittenhouse

Yeah, that's got to be Tahlia...I wish I had some older pictures of Mere in the orphanage, but...


Even though they are sad, what a precious treasure for Tahlia. The Internet is Amazing!

I believe the few things I have of Mady's life before we got to her are a gift. Even if she never wants to see them, at least I have them in case she does....

God has blessed sweet Tahlia with a wonderful family!


It is so hard to see those early photos, isn't it. We received a couple of photos of our girl that the SWI took of her after referral and they made me feel sad too. In one especially, she was blocking people out, just the way she did when we first met her and everything was so overwhelming for her. What special brave girls they are. Take care.


We have similar photos of our little one before we got her. I had to cry seeing your girl there too. Ouch.


What a treasure to have those pictures... She will be happy when she's older and can look at them and see where she came from... Like you we only have her finding ad and nothing before that...


When I first saw the pics of Erin in her crib, the wood mattress made me break into tears immediately. We were in China, & I was developing the film from the cameras I had sent over. Our guide Cindy tried to calm me down by letting me know that this is a common practice. The heat of summer where Erin & Tahlia are from is horrid. She said that many people sleep on the bamboo boards because they are cooler.

I don't know if it's true, & it didn't help me one bit. Seeing these pics of Tahlia brought those memories back.

The last picture of Tahlia is remarkably similar to one I have of Erin. She also kept her finger in her ear & finally stopped doing that when she was about 3.



Those photos are certainly your girl. I personally think she looks happy in the fist 2 photos, she has a spirit and spunk in her eye. The last photo is hard to look at and the hard mattress is just so darn sad. I'm currently in the mode where I'll take anything, but I can see your point. Thanks for sharing a small part of your T.


I never found any photos of Amelia from previous travel groups - and I was disappointed, however I do have those that the SWI gave us on Forever Family day and those are so sad.

When we went to Yangchun I don't know if you remember but Amelia was the only baby who went back. I put her in her old crib and took her picture. I think that is the most upsetting photo to me, because of the expression on her face - like, "You're leaving me here?" She even asked, "Why am I sad?" when she saw it.

It's so so hard to think of our girls so lonely - so wanting for affection.

Susan S.

You can't mistake her in the first picture. I think it is amazaing how their looks change, but they still look the same. I never got updates of Mia either after we got her referal picture. At the adoption we got generic pictures of the orphanage, but nothing of our girls. I would have never thought they would sleep on wood!!


Pug Mama

waiting to travel, I am an emotional wreck. These just made me teary.

Debbie in the UK

OMG, I can understand how you would have been devastated to see this sad and lost little girl on the wooden mattress weeks before you went. The difference is immense from then and now, and I think all the hard work you put in shows in the lovely, confident little imp you have today!


WOW.....That picture made me emotional! It just brings me right back to that time. I am amazed at the depth of that picture. Tahlia now is so full of life, love and laughter ! The look on her face reminds me of that look Bella had. But *then* I didnt love her the way I love her now, so now the pictures of her CRUSH me. Back then I had no idea how much I could love my smidgeon!!


Indeed, an easy ID as your girl.

I got some updates on Claire before travel but they were taken outside and she was smiling. Nice to have. I agree - pics inside the orphanage would have ramped up the difficulty of the wait even more. It seemed forever as it was.


Those pictures of Tahlia are certainly a mixed blessing. But there is no doubt that it's your girl. :)



Jami was a waiting child & I found her before I did any paperwork at all. So, from Dec 2005 until Oct 2006 when I traveled to get her, I had a few pictures from her SWI. In June (4 months before I traveled) I made contact with a local volunteer who would go over every few weeks & visit & take pictures of Jami for me. I had probably 40 pics (some updated the week before we traveled) of Jami. Everytime I would find pics in my inbox I would be over the moon with excitement.
It really HELPED that time go by. I think being without any info at all would have been a killer!!!!

Just another point of view.......

Kristy Rodriguez

Oh how I just love those scrumptious cheeks!!! I have been having computer issues , so I promise to get caught up on your beauties!!!


You've been quite the prolific poster while I was on vacation. So glad to hear that the girls are better. I know how exhausting it was for you. On that note, as much as we'd all like to claim to be perfect or married to the perfect person, reality is that we're all flawed. I think it's healthy to acknowledge that sometimes everything isn't perfect. Of course, I'm much better about saying that in the abstract than doing it myself. Sometimes we don't always like the ones we love.

Your meals look wonderful. We need recipes!

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