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Thursday, April 23, 2009



I haven't heard that song before but will definitely be uploading it. Now I have a song in my mind for both Jazzie & Tahlia. Tahlia really does get into the song & her dancing is adorable.


That was adorable. I have heard this song many times, but did not know the name or the artist. I can now download it to my i-pod.... Thanks Tahlia.

Stephe Higgins

Soooo cute. You have a great voice too!!!

Hadn't ever heard that song before but I really like it. And Tahlia has got in going on!

Sarah texted me last night and said... you have to be sure and check out Tahlia singing I'm Yours.. she is Amazing!! Funny that my college girl follows along with some of my blogs. :0)


That was adorable! A perfect way to start my Friday with a smile on my face. :)


Oh my gosh, I LOVE that song too! But I don't usually jump around so much because I would hyperventilate if I tried to keep up with Tahlia for even 2 minutes!


Our Blog: Double Happiness!


I'm out of the loop on the pop music and that is a GREAT song.
Tahlia singing is even better - and WHAT a dancer! So so sweet.


Too cute! I'm exhausted after watching that! :)


super cute!



It's an amazing song... I listen to it all the time... I find it give me a bit of a pick me up...

Great singing your self Ms Sandra


Lawd...the cuteness. And such a little dancer too :0)

Wonderful song, doubt about it.


I can see her on American Idol. She took the song and made it her own! I love it!

Two Kayaks

Freaking cute, my friend! I love the twirling! :)

Wanda Malfara

You made my day!! But I wanted more. (And mom- you're not so bad either.)


Adorable singing ... and Tahlia's pretty good, too! :-) She is just SOOO precious!!!


We call it "The Happy Song" in our family!


What fun to watch - It put a smile on my face this morning.


Precious, precious, precious!

Pug Mama

Man, she was really rocking out to the lyrics when the film ran out.
My favorite part is when she sings, "look into your heart and you'll find love, love, love, love"
Her dancing moves during that part is soooo darn cute!!


Oh I love it. Reminds me of my Emma..she too gets right into singing and dancing. Tahlia you are one awesome singer and dancer. Way to go sweet girl. Love it!

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