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Thursday, May 14, 2009



So glad that you have each other :)

Sue B

Happy family day! What wonderful memories of that magical moment!!!

pug mama

just beautiful!


I cannot believe its been this long. I love seeing the pictures all over again. I hope you had a great celebration!


Time flies! Happy family day.

Two Kayaks

Beautiful post...beautiful memories. A lifetime of memories in front of you to create.


Happy Forever Family Day Jazzie. Your mommy and daddy so so very lucky and blessed to have you in theirs lives. :0) You are such a lovely and gracious little girl and I know you make them very proud everyday.


Happy Forever Day!!!

Briana's Mom

6 years - wow! She is such an amazing little girl. Happy Forever Family Day!!!


Happy Forever Family Day my fellow Waiting Heart! Those days are past, & the future unfolds before us. I wait with bated breath to see what it brings us.

Jazzie was a beautiful baby & has grown to a beautiful girl.


Happy Happy Forever Family Day!


Happy six years together!!


She was beautiful then...she's beautiful now. Isn't AMAZING all that has transpired in those 6 short years...(I think about that often).

Happy Family Day!!


Happy Family Day to you all!


I love that you duplicate the moment and pose from then and now. (I've got to do that more - it's so important.)

Congratulations - 6 years since you met your sweet girl.



Wow, 6 years! What a precious little peanut. Happy Family Day to all of you.


Happy first time you held your precious daughter in your arms Anniversary! I love the pictures, I just can't wait to do the same.
Love and blessings, Kristy

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