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Tuesday, May 05, 2009



I still haven't figured out why people we don't know think their opinion is wanted or even matters to us. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but unless asked for it need to keep it to themselves. The path that you are on, is your path. Jazzie is doing as well as she is because her family stands with her.


Sandra - I am not going to go over the fact that YOU did what was right for YOUR daughter. I referred a friend of mine who is at school at UC to volunteer at OVV. She has hearing issues and has had aides since she was in first grade. She knows sign language but is speaking. She wanted to volunteer where she could make a difference. I told her she HAD to go see Maria at OVV.

I saw the 'House' episode and I kept pointing out medical info that was incorrect.

I also watched Amazing Race Sunday night and was SO mad at those girls who didn't like China. How could you NOT like China??? it does not compute in my world!


First I found my camera!!! Thanks for the advice on Nikon's though.
Please keep your blog up. I love your truthfulness and day to day blogging.

Unfortunately some people feel it is their need to comment without truly thinking about what they are saying.

Wen is a smart, almost reading, 5 year old. However, we still get people, who after they learn her age, begin to question me about how small she is.. Last year we had a horrible time with self esteem and the day care. Thankfully she got into our school Pre K and we have had less worries this year.

You and Matt research, talk with experts and make decisions that are best for YOUR family. You need to do what my husband does, "May I have your phone number/address/eamil. The other person usually asks "why" (b/c they are strangers) Jack replies. "So when I want you opinion the next time, I can contact you." Try it..


Sorry - here is a link to the complete episode.


Sandra, do you watch the show, House? Recently they did an episode about a teenager who is deaf and it focused on the issue of whether or not to implant. It's a very interesting debate and I think you would enjoy the episode.

*Here is a link to a clip and a synopsis of the episode entitled, Divided:

Lou Ellen

Why do people feel the need to tell others they made the wrong decision for their child? I can't imagine saying such a thing to someone!

Jazzie is obviously doing VERY well in life. You don't need our affirmation. You did the right thing -- researched it, weighed the decision, made the decision which you and Matt decided was best for Jazzie.

For me -- if I completely disagree with someone, I would stay away from the blog!


I keep missing the Amazing Race this year but every now and then I catch an episode. Carson watched it with me a few weeks back and was really interested in Luke and his mom. He is proving to be an amazing role model for many kids and I hope they win, too! (Now I just need to figure out when it's on so I can purposefully watch it and not just stumble across it from time to time!)


I think, as parents, its our responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of our children, with our best intentions at heart. Your love and passion for your girls shine through your writing, and that's what every child deserves.
Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us.

Calico Sky

I don't think anyone who takes the time to read this blog could ever think that you made a decision for Jazzie without looking at the whole picture, the whole situation, weighing up the pros and cons and putting Jazzie's needs first. You're a great mom and you have 2 great kids whose needs you very obviously put first. I am at this time looking at what special needs I am open to (for my adoption paperwork) and you have really made me think about a child who has hearing loss or is deaf, so thank you for your blog.

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